DTDC Complaint – Misplacement Of Courier

Subject: Misplacement of courier
My Name: Geetesh Gupta
My City: mumbai
My State: maharashtra
My Complaint Against: DTDC
Complaint Category: Couriers & Parcels
My Complaint Description:
I had sent a courier to netherlands containing original and important documents required for my admission into a university for masters but the parcel never got delivered to the university till today. Its almost been 25 days and the customer service says the parcel is got lost. My registration has been held. The detail is mentioned below
Courier company – DTDC
Tracking no – N20321039

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Www.clothingshirtsonline.com Complaint – Refund Money

Subject: Refund money
My Name: Rakesh Kumar
My City: Allahabad
My State: Utter Pradesh
My Complaint Against: www.clothingshirtsonline.com
Complaint Category: Online Shopping
Claim Amount (Approx.): 1100
My Complaint Description:
i order pack of 4 shirts which have booked on clothingshirtsonline.com on 9th August 2018 that i got the product on 16th August 2018 . but the product which i got is not matching what i had seen during placing an order on online also the quality of the product very poor what i received . so i want to return your product as soon as possible and kindly refund money.Thank you

My oder id is OID329716

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Clothingshirtsonline.com Complaint – Wrong Product Delivered

Subject: Wrong product delivered
My Name: Swapnilshirodkar
My City: Mumbai
My State: Maharashtra
My Complaint Against: Clothingshirtsonline.com
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): 2198
My Complaint Description:
I book combo of 4 New hot casual shirt and they send me different & very poor quality shirt which is not matche to my order.
so kindly my requested to you plzz refund my money or contact to me 7666841463

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Idea Cellular Ltd. Complaint – Internet ની સ્પીડ બાબત

Subject: Internet ની સ્પીડ બાબત
My Name: Priyank Kothiya
My City: Surat
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: Idea Cellular Ltd.
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
Claim Amount (Approx.): 5000
My Complaint Description:
મે 9-8-2018 નાં રોજ આઈડિયા કંપની માં ઍક ફરીયાદ નોંધાવી હતી. કે મારા ફોન માં internet ની સ્પીડ નથી આવતી.એનો જવાબ 14-8-2018 નાં રોજ એવો આપ્યો કે તમારા વિસ્તાર માં કવરેજ ઓછું છે.એનું અમે ઇમ્પરૂવમેન્ટ કરીશું. 15-8-2018નાં રોજ ફરીથી ફરીયાદ રીઓપન કરાવી ક હજુ પ્રોબ્લેમ solve થયો નથી. અથવા મારા રૂપિયા પાછા આપી દવ. તો એ લોકો દરેક વખતે કાંઇક નવું જ કેય છે. બસ હવે તમારા સહારે છીએ અમે.

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Ladiera Complaint – Travel Bag Fraud

Subject: Travel bag fraud
My Name: Nikita Mehta
My City: Pune
My State: Maharashtra
My Complaint Against: Ladiera
Complaint Category: Online Shopping
Claim Amount (Approx.): 2999
My Complaint Description:
Product Model Quantity Price Total
Tempting Cabin & Duffle Trolley Set 4Pcs
– Color: Brown LE2001C 1 ₹2,999 ₹2,999

Order ID: 33992
Date Added: 04/08/2018
Payment Method: LadiEra Online Payment
Shipping Method: Free Shipping

Product was ordered on 4th Augand the delivery was expected on 13th.. no revert on email, no update on order.

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