1584417 Complaint – Complaint Against An Ration Shop Dealer

Subject: Complaint against an ration shop dealer
My Name: Rani
My Contact Email ID: [email protected]
My City: Vivekananda Nagar,borabanda,Hyderabad
My Complaint Against: 1584417
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
I have an ration card in Vivekananda Nagar borabanda,I have received sugar in February the first of ration issued and till now(june) I haven't received again and about rice they keep kerosene and rice side by side ,rice smells kerosene and we are unable to eat.The shop may be opened as their wish once a week or twice a week,about timings at 10:30 to 1pm that's all for that week.If we ask about the sugar she says government is not sending. She sells her kirana shop dals in ration shop and that also for 5 to 10rs more than other shops,she gives rice only if we buy dal r oil r semiya etc.Its my humble request to solve this type of problems immediately.

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3 thoughts on “1584417 Complaint – Complaint Against An Ration Shop Dealer

    Respected sir/mam
    Good afternoon
    I’m ALL THE COUSTMAR OF THESE AREA ALL THEY I have a complain against ration dealer we are so much suffered this dealer long time, I’m not only our area suffered this dealer(ward No-7) NARAYANPUR JHARKHAND BLOCK CHAS .
    Here i enclosed problems
    1.ration shop working hours morning 8am-12pm evening doesn’t open only one day of month.
    2.Ration given only 1-5 Five days only.
    3.He was scolded so many people like old age people he were not standing this situations.
    So please take an action immediately……
    4 i will goto these shop many times but ont open his shop the three days photo are attech in this complaint.
    5.please change my ration delar on mahila vikas
    please take action as soon as.

  2. दुकान नंबर F P S =8041 इस बार हमारा राशन नहीं दिया और अगुठे मशीन पर लगवा लिया और बोला कि जो करना है कर लो । फिर मैंने किसी से पुछा और फिर दुकान दार से बोला कि मैं जा रहा हूँ आफिस तो बोल रहाहै कि जा जो मरजी कर लो नहीं दुगा और लोगों से बोल रहा था कि आप लोग 10 तारीख तक ही आप यहां आवो और इसके बाद आप यहां मत आना ।मैं आप से गुजारिश कर रहा हूँ कि इस दुकान पर कार्य वाही कि जाय ।

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