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Subject: Improper billing generated
My Name: Bhaven
My Contact No.: 9898697652
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Adani GAS
Adani GAS’s Contact Details: [email protected], 079-27623264 ,
Complaint Category: Others
My Complaint Description:
Hi Sir,

I got improper bill and accounting amount due to Adani GAS Compnay’s irresponsible staff and meter reading process.

I have discussed with Adani GAS CRM help desk executive and got information that I got Last 8 bills on estimated base meter reading not on actual base meter reading.

Now I am getting charged for amount of Rs.3725.58 according to my last bill invoice No : R2013100653818

Also for each last 7-8 estimated bills I have paid on and average Rs 650 to Rs 750. and still i am getting amount of Rs.3725.58 on my last bill so it’s service department mistake nothing else.

Also amount what I have paid for the so called estimated bills were more then my actual usage.

I got shocked when I got information from Adani GAS CRM help desk employee about this ”Estimated Invoice” invoice Type method. how a normal customer will come to know about this type of accounting terms.

Why should I suffer and pay additional money because of Adani GAS CRM miscommunication and dealing with respect to details in billing. ?? I am not going to pay this bill coz of stupid mistake of Adani GAS department.

Also Adani GAS department never informed me that I am getting bill on basis of estimated invoice as person who is coming for meter reading is not able to read meter due to house closed
as we are working people so obviously will not be able to present at home for the meter reader person all time.

I will pay only for my actual consumption billing not for the difference of last 8 bills which your Adani GAS company CRM executive was justifying with estimated invoice type.

Below are the bill details for you information. Please let me know on this asap so that I may have idea to go for consumer forums or not.

Customer ID : 1000095668 , Invoice No : R201310653818

I requested Adani GAS company to generate new bill for my actual consumption for this month which I bound to pay not any additional money added due to their calculation mistake.

I have registred complaint for the same on Adani GAS company’s help desk centre and complaint no would be : C100554250 but this is for the formality only coz it’s not meter fault.

I Got below from Nodal office of Adani GAS at last :

Dear Sir,

With regards to your e-mail regarding billing query, as explained and understood the invoice seems high due to difference of estimated invoices are accumulated and hence its required to be paid. Non-payment of the invoice leads to levy penal charges as well as the disconnection of the connection on Temporary Basis until the outstanding gets cleared and also at the time of Reconnection with the due invoice amount, additionally Rs 1000 (Billing deposit) + Rs 1124 (Disconnection, Reconnection) charges are to be paid.

And we do understand your concern in case of working people its difficult to take metering for us also as generally house found locked when our reader visits and in such case estimate invoice is like to be generated but we will place a sticker at door step indicates that our reader visited and based on that you can submit meter reading to 079-27623264,, [email protected]


Nodal Officer
Adani Gas Ltd


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