Chandra Net Pvt Ltd (Spdigo Broadband) – Ahmedabad Complaint – Illegal And Unauthorised Usage

Subject: Illegal and Unauthorised Usage
My Name: Rushil Soni
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Chandra Net Pvt Ltd (Spdigo Broadband) – Ahmedabad
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
Claim Amount (Approx.): 4000
My Complaint Description:
I have a complaint against Chandra Net Pvt Ltd (Spdigo Broadband) – Ahmedabad. My internet usage has been Illegally deducted even though I have not used my services upto that extend.

My username is "rushilsoni" for my internet usage. I have taken a plan of 30GB for 20 months, but all of my 30GB usage is been shown to ZERO and is completely used with in 4 months. So I checked the usage report which usually the service provider provides. After seeing the usage report, I have found some offensive things in it.

Usually what procedure Spdigo follows is that, if I need to use their internet I need to login with the username and password they have provided to me, after successful login my internet starts. Then after using the internet in my device / Instrument I usually shut down my device/instrument. I have a doubt that when ever I have not loged out from their home page and even not put off my wifi power, and even after all my internet using devices/instrument are been shut dowm, there is lot of usage of internet on my account. Its about 600 – 700 MB per day, even after my device/instrument who uses this internet is been shut down. So due to this my 30GB internet usage is been goon to zero in just 4 months. I am 100% sure that no one except me uses my internet.

I have a complaint that Even after shuting down the system/device/instrument which uses the internet, how cum company can count the usage in the account and genuinely it is not possible. (Eg : In my mobile my balance is only reduced if I use it or till I use it. If I switch off my mobile then my balance remains same.) So when ever I have not loged out from my spdigo account, then every time company shows me the usage which I have not used it. If I have used it then company shows me the data that where it is used. I have even asked the company that give me detail report of my usage of some perticular days, they even do not provide me the data.

I just want my money back of which I have not used the services.

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