Airtel Fake Deducts Charges

In last week 1 week i have been charge  twice  falsely for game downloading.
There message is as below
“Thanks for downloading
best sellersCTE from Airtel you have been charged Rs 15. Joins gameclub at“……
The first deduction was on 13/12/2010 and second was on 19/12/2010.
When i wake in the morning and i found a message stating deduction of Rs 15. then i call 121(Customer Care) to inform about this problem. The representative inform me that
“i have download game at 2.53 a.m”, it’s  a time when everybody is sleeping.It’s rediculous that  there system is making such fake charges.
Infact i dont know why “airtel” is saying that i have download the link as i never used gprs.and in the past also number of charges deducted for callertune,message etc.
I need justice from  Grahak Suraksha

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