Jet Airways Complaint – Crediting Miles

Subject: Crediting Miles
My Name: Petiwala Mohammed Amin
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Jet Airways
Complaint Category: Service Providers
Claim Amount (Approx.): 15000
My Complaint Description:
1) I reserved a hotel in Singapore during September, 2014. while making the booking itself I had confirmed that the Hotel is JP mileage partner. My decision to book the hotel was based on this premise.

2) The miles are not credited even till date despite repeated reminders. Initially the response over email and call was that it shall take some time as it involves international communication. I recall that while discussing the same with your staff member – at least six to nine months ago when the mileages were missing – your staff member did confirm for the association between Hotel and Jet Airways. I was given assurance that it is a matter of time only and it normally takes longer time as it is international matter and depends on the availability of corresponding staff at counter party

After some time, nearly ten months complaint event, the mail came informing that mileages can not be credited because the hotel is not a partner hotel!!!

How can this happen when at the time of booking the hotel was shown as Partner Hotel and my booking decision was based on this fact. Further this was accepted over a call earlier that the hotel is a partner hotel.

3) Anyways, when I checked with the hotel website, I came across their webpage which confirmed that :there was mileage partnership between Jet Airways and Hotel Park Royal until 31.3.2015. The Hotel also recognizes that for the stay prior to 31.3.2015, the mileages can still be credited however the last date for doing so is end of Sept, 2015. I am enclosing the screen shot for the website at the end of my email.

This is enough proof that the relationship was existing during the time of booking (Sep-14) and still mileages can be claimed from hotel as per their website. Why is then Jet Privilege team sharing wrong information and keeping the matter unresolved. Why are they shying away and wasting time from both the sides?

Importantly, while I am putting this complain here, I am put on hold by their representative for last 25 minutes!!!!!!! (today being 24th Sept, 1235 pm right now)!!!!

4) I have been following up with JP team for more than nine months now with comforting and assurance mails but with no solution!.

I am really disappointed. This was never expected to be an outcome given the above facts.

I even do not know the authority matrix so that where can I go in case the solution is not available through call and email

Kindly help and oblige

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