AMUL Complaint – Contaminated AMUL Chocolate With Hair

Subject: Contaminated AMUL Chocolate With Hair
My Name: Aditya Thakkar
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: AMUL
Complaint Category: Food & Hotels
Claim Amount (Approx.): 5000000
My Complaint Description:
On 15th of February 2016, I bought a pack of AMUL'S FRUIT 'N' NUT Chocolate of 150 g. After having almost the half of chocolate of 150 g pack; I picked another piece from the packet and it came out dragging another two pieces along with it. A strand of hair was dragging the other two piece of chocolate with it. A strand of hair which was inside the chocolate that I was having and the other two pieces of chocolate were hanging by the one I had in my hand. I was so disgusted by the feeling that I was having a chocolate with hair in it and i just threw up. I was shocked to know that this kind of irresponsibility and that too from a brand like AMUL which we all have known for years and trusted the products coming from them.

I tried calling AMUL to inform them about incident. To my surprise, the person on the other hand who answered the called bluntly replied saying that "call tomorrow during the office hours".

The next thing I did is drafted a mail to their customer care e-mail mentioned at the rear of the pack. The next day I received a call from the HO of AMUL and asked me to provide my contact number for the local office of the city where I am based (Ahmedabad) at to get in touch with regards to the same. I reverted to the mail response and gave them my contact details. I received a call from a person who stated he was in charge of the Ahmedabad branch of AMUL. He apologized and asked me for the replacement. I denied for the replacement and informed him that I need to get the product lab tested and bring to public notice. He said I can do what I wish to and asked me to provide the details on the pack of the chocolate like batch number for their reference.
I provided images of the chocolate with the hair in it and also the batch number and details they required.
The next evening after me providing them with the details, I received a call from another AMUL'S officer on 19th February 2016 who tried convincing me as to how good their products are and how strict care they take for quality of their products. He asked me again for the replacement of their dirty chocolate with the new one and said that I need to forget about this kind of issue. He said that these kind of issue are very small and can be avoided and forgotten. I was shocked on hearing the words that he was speaking. I asked him as to what does he wishes I should do. He again started with some small talk about the AMUL and again told me that I should forget this small issue of HAIR Found in AMUL'S Chocolate. I hanged up the the call and once again mailed the details of the the conversation which I had on 19th with that officer to bring it up to the higher Authorities of AMUL.
Not surprised that none of their Authorities felt it important to revert.
On 27th I received a reply to schedule a meeting with the AMUL's executives so I Provided my details to them.
On 29th I received a call from them and met their executives Mr. Amit & Himanshu. They again apologised for their mistake and said this has never happened to which I said, may be no one has ever reported it.
So far no actions gave been reported.
I have registered a complaint to with my complaint No-218207.2.2016, but to my surprise, there has been no action taken.

I am sure that till this date AMUL may have not even pulled back their unhygienic chocolates from the market which is playing with the public health.

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