Millcent Appliances Pvt. Ltd., Anand Complaint – Poor Quality Of Conyainer Jali/Net

Subject: Poor Quality of Conyainer Jali/Net
My Name: Narendra Sampat
My City: Mumbai
My Complaint Against: Millcent Appliances Pvt. Ltd., Anand
Complaint Category: Manufactgurers & Dealers
Claim Amount (Approx.): Reimbursement of Rs.300/- charged for visitng fees though under 3 years warranty
My Complaint Description:
Website also gives 3 years warranty but only after 15 months and only 12 times run in 15 months – each time 12 Kg Wheat grinding is done, container jali/net melted (due to heat generated during grinding) and chocked and so air could not be passed and the mill started giving problems. (as per your engineer)

We explained in detail to senior executive and they agreed to replace Container jali but asked to pay visiting charges Rs.300/-!!! I expressed my desire to talk very senior executive or the owner so that I can make understand my complain/request but failed to get explained and paid visiting fees of Rs.300/-.

We request to reimburse Rs.300/- which is charged wrongly.
The purpose is not to get back money but to at least give us the BEST container net/jali which can bear the heat produced during grinding process.

2. Even,We are told that plastics net do not have any warranty and can melt by the heat generated during the process of grinding !!! Sir, I am sure that the jali should not melt during the process of grinding !!! Atleast, A product given by
Millcent !!!

A request to please improve the quality of jali !!! And inform us further.

3. Further, first your executive tried to find the reason for poor performance of by telling that the jali/net should not be cleaned with water. We then explained that your manager of Mumbai informed us to clean with water. He even then told that this defect is due to cleaning the jali/net with water. !!!

But your executive told us to read instruction on the mill. This was totally lie and we read the instructions which clearly ask us to clean with water. A photo copy is enclosed JMG-7854.

Kindly inform us if this jali to be cleaned with water or not. Then ,explain how to clean ?

4. Enclosed is the photo of Jali which is chocked-JMG 7855 due to heat generated during grinding process. This cannot happen within 12 runs !!!

5. I enclosed a copy of the FORD company when they replaced the tyre after 4 years though there was NO WARRANTY but they found fault in alignment. (Copy is enclosed)

Your company has the same reputation and do not want to fool customers by supplying poor quality jali/net which melts during the process of grinding !!!.

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