Apps Daily Complaint – Making Erroneous Statements Of Claim Payment

Subject: Making Erroneous Statements of claim Payment
My Name: Ankur AGotal
My City: Dombivali-E
My Complaint Against: Apps Daily
Complaint Category: Insurance Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): 10450
My Complaint Description:
Intimation ID: AD_D_011115_2829450
IMEI No 356064063984062
Invoice No 3738
I received mail from Apps Daily on 09/11/2015 confirming that, my claim is processed for Rs.10,450/-& I have to submit ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and DAMAGED EQUIPMENT INCLUDING FULL BOX WITH ACCESSORIES. Subject to this I have submitted original document & box with accessories to your Chandivali office, where front office person told me, payment will be made within 20 days.

On 06/01/2016 I tried to contact on Apps Daily toll free number 1800 209 9060 for further status, but it remains always busy. For more than 20 min I hold toll free no in expectation of someone will answer. Then I got two more contact numbers of customer care i.e. 41412222/2229 but same go’s with these also. I guess these are the TP number to waste the time of customers. Please guide you customer care employees that clients are not calling to listen how good caller tune company have set.

Same day (on 06/01/2016) I got one more mobile numbers from my vendor, which is owned by Mr. Jay (7710065725). He help me with the status that float has sent to NIA for the payment procedure. He assures me that payment will be made by the end of Jan-16. He has not shared fund requested date.

As I am also part insurance industry (Marsh & McLennan Companies), I understand that NIA will take some time to release payment from the date of float raise, so I wait till 12/02/2016.

After 37 days again on 12/02/2016 I take up with the Mr Jay, he answered me same thing very casually “your payment request is sent to the insurance company, and it will be done” but not shared fund raise date again, and on my request he gave me his seniors person contact number i.e. Mr Ashok (7710050929). Immediately I gave ring to Mr. Ashok, and he told me to provide claim intimation no & IMEI Number which he will check & arrange call back.

I wait for 3 days, no response from him. So on 16/02/2016 I gave him call for status, but I doubt Mr. Ashok is senior of Mr. Jay, as he was responding ridiculously in air, without any cross check. (3 days he was warming my claim details)

Concall between me & Mr. Ashok on 16/02/2016
Mr. Ashok: Your claim would be under investigation.
ME: what? how come claim went under investigation after payment approval mail sent to me?
On this question he jumbled
Mr. Ashok: you payment request is sent to insurance company in last week (supposed 08/02/2016) & It will be released in next lot.
Me: Oh… but Mr. Ashok told me same statement on 06/01/2016, give me the name & contact no of NIA person, with whom you are following up.
Mr. Ashok: I don’t know. my senior is following up for payment with NIA.

And he advises me to speak with Mr Mandip Sets. I don’t understand for what the hell these officials are appointed. What the nonsense and untrained reply these people giving. They are just running away from responsibility by giving each other’s numbers.

Go through below TAT as per the concall I had with above two people.

TAT Payment request sent to Insurer
As per cancall with Mr Jay on 06/01/2016
09/11/2015 Received mail confirming that, my claim is processed for Rs.10,450/-
06/01/2016 Payment request sent date assumed as per the cancall with Mr. Jay
58 Apps daily took 58 days to send payment request to insurer

As per cancall with Mr Ashok on 16/02/2016
09/11/2015 Received mail confirming that, my claim is processed for Rs.10,450/-
08/02/2016 Payment request sent date assumed as per the cancall with Mr. Ashok
91 Apps daily took 91 days to send payment request to insurer

Which one of above is correct Apps daily people knows, as no one is providing exact date of payment request raise date to insurer.

People from apps daily office are making erroneous statements and not at all serious about their job. Their interest is only sale & they have forgotten the after sell service. I think that I have selected very pathetic service provider who don't care about customer. It’s a wonder, how Apps daily is still surviving even though n number of complaints from their customers.

1) Do Apps daily verticals are bothered for their customer satisfaction?
2) As informed by Mr. Ashok, Payment request is sent in feb-16 1st week, then why it took 90 days to raise payment request from the date of approval mail sent to me?
3) When apps daily did raised the payment request for my claim?
4) What is the TAT from the date of payment approving to payment request raise to insurer?
5) Does NIA take so much time to release payment?
6) As penalty you close the claims if claimant fails to submit required document within given time line, then what is the penalty to apps daily if payment is delayed?

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