Axis Bank, Nizampura Branch, Vadodara, Gujarat Complaint – Mental Torcher / Harassment By Axis Bank & Its Officials

Subject: Mental torcher / harassment by Axis Bank & its officials
My Name: Suresh Patel
My City: Vadodara
My Complaint Against: Axis Bank, Nizampura branch, Vadodara, Gujarat
Complaint Category: Banks Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): 100000
My Complaint Description:
I had normal NRE & NRO bank account with Axis Bank, Nizampura branch, Vadodara, Gujarat. One good day I am receiving email from bank that we are converting your account to Priority status, if you are not interested in this conversion then send SMS from the your registered mobile number.

I have complaint that how bank can change such account status without taking written consent from customer? Particularly when such changes are associated with changes in terms & conditions of services. I am treating this conversion as forceful and one sided at sole discretion of Bank. Why customer need to response for such communication to protect their interest? How bank assumes that bank’s decision is acceptable to customer if he is not responding as per bank’s prefer method?

I am staying outside India and my registered mobile is not working in this location. So I had send email communication immediately after receipt of such communication (on 06/09/2015) from my registered email address. As of now, since last six months I am communicating with 1) NRI customer service department ([email protected]), which just issued several service request numbers without any resolution as of now. They are not able to close any service request. 2) Operations Manager of branch ([email protected]), who never responded to any of communication. 3) Nodal officer ([email protected]), who has send communication that your account has been converted to normal status but still my NRO account is in priority status and always he is reiterating that this is mistake of customer as he is not responded as per the bank’s preferred method of communication. So customer is responsible for such consequences.

This type of mental torcher / harassment is not acceptable to me by such service provider / bank, who is earning from my money. I am client of this service provider, how bank can dictate rule only for their benefits without consent of customers?
I want that RBI must panelise such bank and ask bank to provide compensation to me for such mental torcher / harassment. If bank is not capable to readdress customers query then they must close their business.

After so much of following up and communicating with Bank, I am left with no other option than filing a complaint in Grahak Suraksha forum.

Please look into this and help me out with setting some good example for other customers like me those who are not coming-out for their rights.

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One thought on “Axis Bank, Nizampura Branch, Vadodara, Gujarat Complaint – Mental Torcher / Harassment By Axis Bank & Its Officials

  1. What is next, I have lodge my complaint on this website, how this forum will take-up matter with the respective authorities? Whether Grahak Surksha with fight for me or just display my complaint on this website?
    I would appreciate your response and guidance for further process towards getting resolution on complaint.

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