Bank Of Baroda Complaint – Card To Card Transaction Fail For 4 Month From 2nd Jan 2016 To April 2016 And Again Automatic Revised Issue On 31/08/2016

Subject: Card to card transaction fail for 4 month from 2nd Jan 2016 to April 2016 and again Automatic Revised issue on 31/08/2016
My Name: Dhaval Prajapati
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Bank of Baroda
Complaint Category: Banks Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): 5017+interst
My Complaint Description:
Following is my problem which i've mailed to BOB:

"Dear sir,

I, Dhaval Prajapati, did card to card (BOB to BOB) transactions of 5000/-at Petlad branch atm but on that time that shows unable to proceed @ around 11.30am. But after half an hour I received a text message in my phone that 5017/-debited from ur account.! So I've checked my account and another account in which I needed to transfer the fund at around 1.15pm. But it shows that money has been debited from my account bt not credited to another account.! Then I went to Petlad branch BOB office, they said to call on toll-free no.1800223344 & 18001024455. After a long time my call has been connected to officer and he replied to contact the bank branch manager from where my BOB bank account is belong. So, I've contacted you for the solution of this problem.

So, I'm requesting you to please solve this problem as soon as possible and I've attached my all details with this mail of my passbook's copy with atm receipt on 12:12 which shows that there is no any money transferred but passbook shows that it was transferred at 11.38..!!! Then here I've also attaché the text message pic and my call log record to toll free service centre. And also the last atm receipts of both accounts @ around 1.15pm. So, kindly do helpful for this problem.

Thank you."
"Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

I did Card to Card transaction on 2nd January, 2016. It is one month completed to it but still the problem is not solved. Your organization instruct to wait for 7 days but it is one month.!!! & due to your system problem my money and its interest is in trouble, plus facing the mental stress and time wasting in it & till it is not solved..!!! Deatails are attached in this mail and also sent you in complain mail.

So, I'm once again requesting you to please look in this matter & do needful."

Then this problem was solved after 4 months and it once again raised by yesterday on 31/08/2016 in the evening and I've mailed.
"Dear Sir,

The problem which was solved is again raised by you and that you can see in this attachment. The 5000/- is again debited from my account without any operation.!! and it was not transferred to the account which should be done according to your reverse system but it's not happened like that.!!! What is your system! Now How can I trust on You BOB.!?????? Are you all doing this all for my interest money??? As per the last problem which I've faced, on that time also I didn't get back my transaction charge + Interest money which I deserve. I think your system is corrupted. I don't know why are you all doing this all but I think I should go for RTI if I couldn't fond the final solution for it."

They have again forwarded this mail for inquiry.!!!

The wrong is wrong. What kind of inquiry they need now. If they cut my money every time then they are eating my all interest and weaken my mental strength and trust also. And I think there can be other too many other victims also who are facing such problems and can't claim their transaction & interest money which they deserve.

Please do some helpful.

Thank You.

Dhaval Prajapati

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