Complaint – Company Is Fraud And Cheater

Subject: Company is Fraud and Cheater
My Complaint Against:
Complaint Category: Online Shopping
Claim Amount (Approx.): 489.5
My Complaint Description:
I had made an online purchase of tshirts from on 10/02/2018 with Order Id. 868019907 and made an online payment of Rs.489.5 and they had committed me to deliver me the order within 15 days but didnt received the same. I tried to contact them frequently but everytime I got the reply that I would receive my order within 15 days. Then finally I was forced to cancel my order on 04th April 2018 and they conveyed that I will receive the refund within 7 to 10 working days. Then they started making excuses that there is some technical issue with CC Avenue and so they are unable to proceess the repayment. Its almost 4 months now and I havent yet received anything.

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5 thoughts on “ Complaint – Company Is Fraud And Cheater

  1. Hey! I had faced the same issue. Ordered on May 30. No delivery till July 17…despite repeated follow-ups and emails. Finally I asked for refund. They said I’ll get the product in one week max. I demanded a refund still stating that didnt need the product and that I needed my refund. All this was done over phone. I’d recorded the conversation. July 19, I still hadn’t received a mail regarding the same. So I mailed and asked. They stated that I had prebooked and prebooked products take time. I informed them that they had said 14 days at the beginning – so I want to cancel and asked them to send me my cancellation mail ASAP. They diid,on the same day stating I’ll get my refund in 7 to 10 working days. I didn’t, of course. I contacted them after 2 weeks and asked for it. They stated an issue with CC Avenue. It continued. I had about 3 emails stating that there is some issue with CC Avenue from them and about 7 others stating “You will receive your refund soon. Thank you for your cooperation”. It irked me every single time they said that. I kept mailing on a daily basis, despite the irritation. And finally today I was determined to get them on the phone again. I had downloaded a call recording app for android from the play store and I started talking. The customer service “executive” picked up and began with her “You’ll get your refund soon, maam”. I demanded it right then and there, made her listen to my sob-story and she said I will get it in 2 days. I said that I don’t trust them. She said “Ma’am, aapko aaj hi milega”. I pointed out that she didn’t make sense – her 2 days and “aaj”. And I stayed on the line and kept pointing out that they don’t have integrity and ethics and the likes of it. And I made her do it right then and there and didnt hang up until I got a mail from CC Avenue stating that the refund has been initiated. Later today I got another mail saying it has been processed and that my bank account will reflect the changes in 2 to 3 working days. The mail also stated that the refund was “ISSUED: 17-08-2018 and COMPLETED: 17-08-2018”.

    So, all in all, they had been bluffing the whole time. And now I am determined to let everyone know this. I got my full refund – Rs. 726.45 from CC Avenue.

    • Hi Friend,
      I also ordered a t-shirt and here is the order ID:R606570963. I didn’t get any response for the email and about the ordered item. So I tried to contact the customer care and I am unable to reach them. Could you please tell me the alternate contact number so that I can get my refund or the order.

  2. We have successfully refunded your amount. we regret the inconvenience for your bad experience with our company

    Thanks and regards

  3. Hi friend,
    I also ordered a t-shirt the order number is R274640117 I didn’t response for the email and about the ordered item. So I tried to contact the customer care and I am unable to reach them. Could you please tell me the alternate contact number so that I can get my refund or the order.
    Pavan Kumar

  4. I had placed order on 4th October and still have not received any update on it. They are dealing it from past 3 months and saying upload design or stock issue. This company is just duping people’s money by complainting more add on social media. I’m personally leaving comments on their complaint that people should not invest in them. Can’t even reach them by call. And a single typo mail saying sorry for inconvenience order will be delivered next month. This mail is been sent from past 3 months.

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