Tikona Broadband Complaint – Tikona Not Cooperating For Termination Of Services

Subject: Tikona not cooperating for termination of services
My Name: Darshana Parikh
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Tikona Broadband
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Respected Sir/ Madam,
Unfortunately, I happened to be the Tikona customer, luckily not for long, just for 20 days though, My customer id is 1115324761. Tikona people have installed their pathetic broadband service at my house on October 28, 2015 which was not activated by their representative on the time of installation in spite of me being paid the money for 3 months (If require i can produced the copy of invoice). My first compliant to tikona about this issue was on 30th October (Complain reference number 1-3739646729).(If require, I can provide the official communication occurred via my Email along with my call details to the tikona customer care). As, usual I was given the hollow promises by the company about the visit of their technical staff in Ahmadabad which never happened. So, I filled another complain on 2nd of November 2015 (1-3745450777). But as usual no response. Third complain on 5th of November 2015 (1-3752064588). Yet no response in spite of giving assurance to sort out the issue within 24 hours. Fourth compliant to appellant authority on 6th of November 2015 (1-3753929332). Yet no response. These are the one which are sent by my official Email id, if you check the record you may find more in company's database which were registered over the phone. (I have the details of all the calls made to Tikona , if required). So, finally after bearing to their unethical practices for 1 more week, on 23rd of November, i wrote them about the deactivation of my services (1-3781862668), and send me the final invoice along with the refund if there is any. I have not received anything from company for a period of a week. So, once again I had to complain to appellant authority (1-3805770011). And, as usual not resolved. Suddenly, 20th November i received a reply from appellant authority saying that Tikona has stopped taking rental from the date of my termination of services Email and they would have shifted my connection to prepaid where charges would be calculated on pro rate basis. So, without informing a customer they have carried out such strange activity to make money which I think is against the customer charter of tikona itself.(Right of Consumer”. Rule 2. “Right to get information regarding tariff before provision of service and every time the tariff is changed, especially adversely affecting the consumer”.). And, even till today they have not deactivated my services and provided me final invoice or never asked for refund for their pathetic services. So, I launched on more complain (1-3837351870). I mean, TRAI website suggest that company has to do this within 2 weeks of time and here they are not doing sch simple thing for 4 weeks. Which kind of business practices is that where customer has been asking for the termination of services and company is not co-operating for it in spite of paying 3 months of rental in advance. And, the technical person they have seems like busier than Mr. Bill gates himself. As, every morning, he wound promise to turn up and never bother to do so in reality and practically you will lose your entire day at work (which happed to me for 10 days in the period of 25 days). So, please look into the issue and ask this Tikona people to stop harassing the customer, at least in a case where customer has paid the money in advance.

Thank you

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4 thoughts on “Tikona Broadband Complaint – Tikona Not Cooperating For Termination Of Services

  1. Dear Darshana ,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    Please be assured that your concern listed Dec 22, 2015 has been noted and our team is working on addressing the same.

    Tikona Care

    • Dear Tikona people,

      Thank you very much for your reply. At least you guys response here unlike your official Email, where receiving a reply is like getting a gold medal for the achievement.

      Now, as far as your reply is concern, this is the same rhetoric that you have been saying since the day I opted your service. So, its high time, you mark your words and start working on it. I mean, come one, we leave in 21st century. All these stuff cant go for forever. I mean, being a lawyer for 20 years, I am well aware of my rights as a consumer and still if you people take us for grafted and treated in the worst manner available, I cant imagine the plight of your other customers. Nevertheless, I hope you mean your word this time and start implementing it on ground.

      Meanwhile, I have sent an Email to Honorable Ravishankar Prasad ji and TRAI, as according to me its really important for them to know about such kind of practices carrying out by your company. I shall forward you the copy of their reply, whenever I get the response. In fact TRAI people reply quicker than you considering last time they only took 4 days to come back!!!

      Please feel free to come to my house anytime and deactivate the services. Even if your technical staff (if existed) come at odd hours, i dont have an issue. But, please deactivate your services, collect your installation stuff and terminate my account form your company and provide me the final invoice. I would be really really happy for to rectify the biggest mistake of my life by opting for your service.

      Thank you
      Mrs. Darshana Parikh

  2. Dear Darshana,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    With regards to your concern, we confirm that your disconnection request is in process.

    Post termination the devices will be recovered from your premises and the Full & Final calculation amount will be calculated.

    For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on our toll free number 1-800-209-4276 or you can reach us at forum.tikona.in

    Tikona Care

    • Dear Tikona People,

      That’s the same rhetoric you have been repeating since last 45 days. I do not reside on Mars , that it would take 45 days for your executive to visit my house. If your company want, I can send a car to pick your executive and drop him/her back to the office. Let me know, if you have any policy like this. Furthermore, it would be really good if you stop sending the fake messages about your inability to contact me over the phone. I have obtained the incoming call details along with Missed calls from my service provider for all the those days where you have mentioned that you people did try to contact me. Not a single call has been generated from your side. And, If you want, I can furnish the evidence in physical form as well. , please send me your corresponding address. I think it would be better that rather following such practices techniques, you would straight away sort out the issue.

      Thank you
      Mrs. Darshana Parikh

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