My Name: Amee Shah
My Complaint Against: BRTS
Complaint Category: Automobiles
Claim Amount (Approx.): 0
My Complaint Description:
Respected Executive,

Hi this is Amee Kishorbhai Shah. I want to complaint regarding non follow up of ladies rules. I usally prefer BRTS for my job purpose instead of my personal vehical because less traffic problems i have to face & another benefit is A.C buses mostly available. But the major problem i faced everytime that was about the violation of rules regarding ladies seats. Everytime i observed that in 11 seats(approx) of ladies 5 to 6 gents were seated. When seats are empty they can seat but when any lady come to bus and stading near to ladies seat atleast that time they must stand up and give them seat. But i know very less human being are there who follow this kind of rules & ethics, That is why whenever i caught the bus & i saw that ladies was standing and gents siting i request to those gents to stand up & mostly they stood up also, But many times there were a gents who arguged and denied to stand up & when they argued i also argued and many times it converts in to big conflict. My complaint is about drivers because i noticed that whenever i fought to those gents for seats and ladies rules follow up driver never help us, they never said that plaese follow the rules and stand up even in three to four buses i requested to driver to help us even though he denied and react like he was deaf.

I would like to request BRTS people plaese make some awareness about this rules & instruct your staff (Drivers, Security, Ticket checkers etc.) about this rules. Because rules are made to follow not to violate.

Thanks & Regards,
Amee Shah,

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