Ansi ByteCode LLP. / Hetal Mehta: CEO Complaint – Hetal Mehta Are Exploiting Worst And Not Given Salary‏‏

Subject: Hetal Mehta are exploiting worst and not given salary‏‏
My Name: Mehul Fozdar
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Ansi ByteCode LLP. / Hetal Mehta: CEO
Complaint Category: Internet Services & Websites
Claim Amount (Approx.): 32400
My Complaint Description:
Hetal Mehta are exploiting worst and not given salary‏‏
Respected Sir / Madam,

I have filled a written complaint against Mr. Hetal Mehta {Ansi Byte Code LLP – Principle Consultant} at 27th October, 2015 04:30 pm. (approx.) in Sola Police Station

My complaint no: 2161.

He told to police staff I have to give me Mr. Hetal Mehta, I did not work and took salary in advance. He never gave me any salary in Advance. I have all proof against him. I never did wrong thing. I am just fighting for truth.

He told rubbish and false thing. He won't allow me to complete my notice period, sir it's common sense when whole month we worked and give salary to next months, how can it possible that he gave me salary I runaway from my duties.

He never listen any colleagues truth points. He fills that I am only right person. At the time of resignation I wanted talked to him and discuss about my resignation and notice period. He told me that I don't want to discuss with any matter and just get out of my office. So I tried to explain him that we are not slave and don't treat me like a slave. Be professional and maintain it. 12 – 13 hours of job is not professional behaviour. I told him last 6 months I asked my documents you never give me and your minor task pending then you asked me to complete now. Is it feasible?

I told him, give my documents that I asked last 6 months and my 10 days salary. I am ready to complete normal procedure and complete my notice period of 45 days as far as company policy is concerns.

Sir, he shouted on me and push me outside office with threaten of called building security. He said that I don't want to give any salary and after 10 days you will get your documents.

He forced to get out at 12th October, 2015, when I resigned job, and told that I will call security.

After 10 -15 days I went for my document and repeat that I am ready for complete notice period and release my 10 days salary.

Two other employees also not getting their salary and experience certificate. Hetal told to one employee that I must not give any salary of current month and notice period. Complete notice period of free of cost? Who is work free?

He didn't give 10,000 bond, 17 days salary and notice period.

One employee has not received his 19 days salary…

He is doing same things of capturing money with more than 4 employee and still continues..

I told me that 10 days salary I must not give you.

Documents are still not proper given.

I recorded our only 06 minutes conversations to my phone and please find hear with. My phone memory was full so I can recorded only 6 minutes conversations.

I will come personally and listen to you and your team when I will free from next company interview preparations.

Please find audio file as attachment.

Ansi ByteCode LLP.
Hetal Mehta: CEO
Address: D-203, 2nd Floor, Ganesh Meridian, Besides Audi Showroom,
Opp. Gujarat High Court, S.G Highway, Ahmedabad-54,
Gujarat, India
Phone / Cell No: +91 98980 10589
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:

Jai Shree Krishna

Jai Shree Swaminarayan

Thanks & Regards,

Mehul Fozdar

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One thought on “Ansi ByteCode LLP. / Hetal Mehta: CEO Complaint – Hetal Mehta Are Exploiting Worst And Not Given Salary‏‏

  1. Why can’t such a fraud company is not closed and why action is not taken by Indian labour court.why government is not taking action against this type of company.why they make a full and spoil a career of engineer?

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