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Subject: Please Help Me
My Name: Jagdish
My City: Botad
My Complaint Against: Idea Cellular limited
Complaint Category: Idea Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Respected Sir,
I was retailer here in botad since 2006 until the dated 10/07/2015. I am here for request about ZBM of Idea Company (Bhavnagar District) is very rude to me by third person. He is threat me and annoying me using by third person. Which I have to bear the mental torture. Now I am the victim of insomnia due to such threats. So please take appropriate action on ZBM of Idea Company. ZBM is using distributor as a third person. ZBM of Idea Company is threaten to me because of margin of Idea Company. I have previously worked with the distributor his nature to be quiet, but the ZBM of idea company is taken to pressure them to do it, for intimidation me and pull back my application that I has been sent to appellate authority on 11/07/2015.

The fact of about incident is below.

On 10/07/2015 at 5:00 PM Idea FOS Mr. Imtiyaz is called me and notify me that According to the company’s new rules my all demo will Deactivate on 13/07/2015 who did not reach new target of company. Then he was added that I have two days to maintain my demo balance 11/07/2015 and 12/07/2015 this time company is given to me for sell my balance and after that time my whole balance are gone. Therefore, company give me two days of time until 13/07/2015 for utilize my balance otherwise on dated 13/07/2015 my demo will be permanently canceled. According to the company new rules all retailers has to sell Rs. 5000 per month if retailer does not reach that target then company should cancel that retailer's demo. After this conversation I am agree with FOS and I told him I would use my all demo balance in this give period by company.
However, on Saturday July 11/07/2015 in the morning at 7:00 pm before 13/07/2015 company has canceled my demo. Therefore, I did not have a fair time to use my demo balance. The company is cheated me because they are canceled my demo before the given period. Therefore, that short of time I could not use my balance. In addition, subsequently I had reported the matter to the Idea appellate authority on 11/07/2015 by the e-mail.
On 13/07/2015 idea ASM and TSM is summoned me for meeting so I went to them at distributor office. First I made my point to them I need my demo back and also my balance. However, they are did not agree with me they are offered to me just my balance back. After one-hour conversation I am agree with them. So they are told me that I have to first email them for active my demo. After the mail they are active my demo and I have to utilize my all balance then they are suspending it again. Then one email sends my me to Mr. Ashish at 13/07/2015 for activation my demo. On this mail, I offered them for active my demo and second option my all balance pays to me as a check. I had mailed them that email address is given me by the distributor. Therefore, I mailed to Mr. Ashish Mishra for activation my demo.
However, I did not get any response from them. So then I send remind email on 14/07/2015 then 17/07/2015 then 18/07/2015 and last reminder was sent on 20/07/2015. After this five mail they are awake and and called me and offered me for active my two demo out of five demo. In addition, I have to forget three demo. So I did not agree with them because I need my all balance back instead of half.
However, all these things to be overlooked on 21/07/2015 Mr. Gaurang is mailed me that he was personally meet me at 13/07/2015 in botad. In addition, suggested me for notify them by mail for my demo activation but I did not give them any response until 21/07/2015. So he was unable to active my demo. I have to mail them for my demo activation. After the mail they are active my demo and I have to utilize my balance and they are suspending it again. Therefore, I answered them by email at 23/07/2015. I am not agreeing with them because they are liar and did not noticed my previous five emails. That I had already sent them. For active my demo and give them other option to for solution but they did not accept any one of them. Instead of solve my problem they are creating many issue about that.
After that mail, Mr. Gaurang is phoned me and asked me for contact to Mr. Ashish for further Detail and what is possible to do.
However, is not ended here idea distributor's is threats me on the name of ZBM Mr. Prasoon chundu and warn me for withdraw the application that I had sent to appellate authority on 11/07/2015. In addition, he used rude word with me.
On 28/07/2015, Mr. Ashish is phoned me and asked me what is my decision. Then I told them I do not have to negotiate with that kind of attitude that his ZBM is made. So please do not call me like this in future. In addition, I cut off my phone and put them to block list.
But after an hour Mr. Gaurang is mailed me that his ASM Mr. Ashish is tried to call me but he did not reach me so he is suggested me for sent them to activation demo mail then they are active my demo. Therefore, after this I replied them about the warning that sent by them and asked them what is his opinion about this behavior but until this date, I did not get proper answer from them.
After the long wait for resolution my complain now 68 days is passed. But I did not get any response from appellate authority, so I had called them today (17/09/2015) to appellate authority Gujarat they are replied me that sales department is not his concern, they are only attending customer’s problem only (So that means Retailer not a customer Retailer is only subject to the income only ? ). Therefore, I have to contact Mr. Gaurang or Mr. Prasoon chundu. But I was already doing that early but them response is not fair to me only they are creating many problems for me so please help me about this issue I need that company should punish the ZBM who is that annoying me.
on 01/10/2015 i contacted to Appellate help desk they asked to me contact to Mr. yuvraj parashar so i was called him he told me that the complain about ZBM he was not attend because that is not his concern so please help me about this problem. After that i had reported this to Appellate, help desk person told me that if that was not his concern he could not solve your problem so please help me about that.

Mobile numbers of them are blow
Mr. Ashish Mishra ASM Botad – 9824204602
Mr. Gaurang Chandra – 9824004523
Mr. Prasoon chundu ZBM Bhavnagar– 9824004696

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  1. Dear Customer,

    We regret the inconvenience. Please provide your Idea mobile number and alternate contact number so that we can assist you. You can also visit our website, or call 198 from your Idea mobile.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Customer Care, Idea Cellular

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