Saral Vaastu Dr.shree Chandrashekhar Guruji Complaint – Refund

Subject: refund
My Name: Bhartiban R. vyas
My Contact Email ID: [email protected]
My City: vadodara
My Complaint Against: saral vaastu dr.shree chandrashekhar guruji
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): 100000
My Complaint Description:
hi, respected mr./ms.
I am Bhartiban R Vyas. i am staying H No:208 Girikunj Appt, Near shenidev remple Wadi, Vadodara. I appoint saral vaastu in my house by TV add in May 2014. by condition of that saral vaastu I can refund my money back after 1 year if there is not effect in 1 year. Today June 2015 (1) year finished but no any effect or change in my life or in my family life. Now I wants refund from SARAL VAASTU. I Call on this number 09662015070 many times but i did not get right answer.I paid cash Rs.10000 that time i appoint SARAL VAASTU there are give me lost of promises so far not even 1 (one) get done. Many times we phone in office they replay Sam how and there say YOU CAN DO WHAT AVER YOU LIKE. I request you please help me out i need my money back. i am send you all detail for SARAL VAASTU. SARAL VAASTU Guruji Vaastu Consultancy,#204 ,205,&206,2nd Floor,Ashirwad Complex, Near AUDA Office, Above Nagar Chashma Ghar, Ushmanpura, Cross Ashram Road, Ahmedabad- 380014 Gujarat. Tel: 079-67775200/5300/09662015070.

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2 thoughts on “Saral Vaastu Dr.shree Chandrashekhar Guruji Complaint – Refund

  1. Saral vastu is based on fully feng shui of china

    see I will show you saral vastu vs feng shui

    4 Favourable Directions and 4 Unfavourable Directions both on based on this, example 10/10/1980 male see in saral vastu website free Saral Vaastu Chart Request

    Lucky number

    Favourable Directions

    North East: The Best, Overall

    West: Good for Health

    North West: Good Relation

    South West: Good for Education

    Unfavourable Directions



    South East


    Lucky number 2

  2. Dear Chandra shekar guruji,

    Subject: Refund of my money
    Date: 22-09-2016
    Name: Vijayalakshmi
    Total amount spent: Rs.30000/-

    My name is Vijayalakshmi from MysoreI took saral Vastu on 1st-April-2015 for Rs.10500/- and as per your advice we placed all the thing and got expenses of about Rs.15000/-. They assured within 8 month all your problem will be gone. But, we waited for 12 months still nothing has happened and whenever I called for refund they were telling 8 month, after 8 months and after 1 year.
    And, after that we changed our house and again when we called the saral vastu person for nothing has happened they told the house was not supported. They told again you have to do saral vastu for new house. And again we went for Saral Vastu and paid to office Rs.4000/- and got expenses for Rs.7000/-.
    And now nothing has happened again, I called office and they told to meet in Mysore office 18-9-16 we meet Mr. Mallikarjun and he told to lodge complaint and again when I called on 21-9-16. The office person told he has transferred and told to lodge complaint to main office.
    Mr.Chandra Shekar Guruji, I have waited for 1year 8 months still I can’t wait..Seriously I need my money back..Your persons are telling to wait for another 3 months.
    And our family is frustrated by this. I need refund within 10 days.
    I have seen in TV if problem is not solved Mr.Chandra shekar guruji will come home with a challenge.
    One thing I need refund or Mr. Chandra shekar guruji has to come home.

    I don’t need any explanation or don’t tell to wait. I NEED REFUND THATS IT.


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