My Name: pankaj h golakiya
My City: surat
My Complaint Against: AOC Company
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 21990
My Complaint Description:
I have purchased my AOC LED TV on the date of July 2013 with 3 years warranty from one of the distributer of AOC in Surat.we are facing problem on every 4 to 5 months,they people come to check the problem and change our TV piece with the old TV piece which they people taking with right now we are using too old LED TV instead of our original LED TV which I have purchased on the date of July 2013.
When first time we complaint that a green vertical line showing on the top of the TV Display they people come and check and than exchanged our new piece with the old and ruffly used piece.we oppose and argue that this is not right action you have to repair my TV instead of exchanging it with your old TV but they people said this is not possible and we are only doing as per our company policy.after that we inform to our distributor but they people also answer me same that AOC company policy is that the serviceman come and check the problem and if problem is really there than they people exchange the customers TV piece with the piece that is available at the service center.and with this policy they people exchanged my new aoc TV piece with the old and ruffly used aoc TV piece but problem is still not solved after 15 days same problem of that green line occurred we call to customer care and demand that give us our TV piece back which I have purchased at July 2013 but they says this is not possible u have use that TV or complaint again and our person will come and exchange the TV piece with the TV piece which is available at the service station. but that time we thought that let go this problem. but after 5 to 6 month the TV display was not showing the pictures only voice we could listning. so we call to cust. care but they people do that same thing of exchanging TV.we ignore this matter second time also but on 8-1-2015 my TV not even starts,I called to cust. care and report my problem they tell me that our person will come and check the problem and sort out ur problem.but I know that this time also they people will doing same with using that TV piece exchanging policy. this is totally wrong the warranty policy is not proper because if your TV piece has problem, they people should came to check your problem and repair your TV instead exchanging it with old and used I want to do a legal case of cheating and harassing.
so kindly help me.

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One thought on “AOC Company Complaint – TV WARRANTY PROBLEM

  1. Aoc led tv is third class quality
    Their service also too late and very poor
    I have not satisfied with aoc TV
    Not gave original products
    Quality and service both are very poor
    I purchase led tv on 15th August 2014
    TV panel was failed two times in two years
    Company was replaced but its too late
    Replacement was taken 25 to 30 days
    Aoc Sr manager was not replied properly
    Aoc was cheat and not refund proper amount

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