Adani Gas Complaint – Improper Billing

Subject: Improper Billing
My Name: Gaurav Joshi
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Adani Gas
Complaint Category: Employers/Employees
Claim Amount (Approx.): Rs. 4300
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir/Madam

We are leaving on rent in this premises.

On 5th August we got the debit note from Adani Gas for the pending amount of 1 year to be paid together.

1) It is mentioned that meter was not worked from 18th Oct 2013 to 2nd Aug 2014 hence actual gas consumption was not recorded.
2) It is year old issued and it has been highlighted to me after one year where as the meter was already replaced on 1st August 2014.
3) It is clearly mentioned that in the terms and condition that you need to take average consumption of last 3 months gas usage where as this debit note raise after more than 1 year.

Why should I pay for your negligence in billing preparation and process.

It was also happened in past that they have sent us estimated bill and we have paid on time and even without any reason and notice they have asked us to pay security deposits.

I went to Customer care office at Off gurukul road next day of receipt debit note but i could not received the positive response in fact they were forcing me to make the payments, When I asked that why did you send this debit note after 1 year then she does not have any answer, and told me to do necessary legal action if i do not make the payments.

I do not want to make payments because it is their mistake and delayed.

Here I request you to reliable authority to take this on priority and try to bring the solution as well, I am really worried because i do not have any alternate gas arrangement as well and even I am travelling as and when my company ask me to travel.

Request your kind support at the earliest

With Best Regards,

Gaurav Joshi

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One thought on “Adani Gas Complaint – Improper Billing

  1. Dear Gaurav,

    Has your issue been resolved? There are a lot of such instances where Adani Gas has been serving DNs to innocent consumers for previous preiods (All usually falling between 2013 to 2015) in 2016. Also, in the attached calculation sheet, they have shown avg. consumption calculation not on the basis of immediate period before or after the fault period but basis consumption during 2010-2011.

    Also to note is the fact that often they have provided esitmated bills for which the consumption will be given basis avg but usage will not be shown and in the next bill the usage will be calculated from previous bill to current bill period effectively making consumers pay twice for the estimated amount they charged in the middle bill period.

    Please do let me know about your issue resolution on [email protected]. I intend to take up the matter with consumer court as well as PNGRB and the MoPNG regarding abject billing discrepancies by Adani Gas.

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