Chandra Net Pvt. Ltd (Spidigo) Complaint – Complaint Towards The Pathetic Service And Unproffesional Staff

Subject: Complaint towards the pathetic service and unproffesional staff
My Name: Bhaumik Matholia
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Chandra Net Pvt. Ltd (Spidigo)
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
Claim Amount (Approx.): 5800
My Complaint Description:

This is Bhaumik Matholia. Here is my spidigo ID: bhaumikmatholiya

I would like to inform about the most unprofessional staff and service I have come across recently.

I bought Spidigo internet connection (1 Mbps unlimited plan) 2 and half months back. but it was in working condition only for 1 week maximum and mostly I am getting "limited access" means no internet connection and getting speed of below 100kbps" even not able to open google web site.
I have paid 5800 rupees for this plan.

When I register complains,
1) Many times Technical people says I have reset your router etc.. and check your speed after 5 min. Then they close ticket. But When we check after 5 min. Issue is still there. Now we have to file complaint again and follow same process.
2) Engineer visited two times but they were not able to resolve speed issue and they said we are not able to resolve speed issue and they close ticket.
3) Sometime They close ticket automatically

Below are my complains ticket no.
1) 151021257 (Date: 23/10/2015) (Issue not resolved)
2) 151111192 (Date: 16/11/2015) (Issue not resolved)
3) 151111790 (Date: 17/11/2015) (Engineer visited, not able to resolve speed issue)
4) 151115566 (Date: 21/11/2015) (Issue not resolved)
5) 151118610 (Date: 25/11/2015) (Engineer was to visit, But without visiting closed ticket)
6) 151121132 (Date: 28/11/2015) (Engineer visited, He said we are not able resolve speed issue and closed ticket. So have to file complain again)
7) 151202271 (Date: 03/12/2015) (Closed ticket automatically)
8) 151215404 (Date: 17/12/2015) (Closed ticket automatically)
9) 151216903 (Date: 19/12/2015) (Issue not resolved)

I have also dropped mail to [email protected] many times. But there is no single reply.

Finally I went to Spidigo office on 19th Dec and I have seen there are many other customers having same problem.
I met the Spidigo person Niral Shah and suddenly he found that problem is in Spidigo wireless outdoor device (How? After so many complains Now he found root cause. I am Surprised!!!). So, they told me that we will change that device by 21th Dec.
They have not changed that device yet. When I call Niral Shah, every day he tell me today surely we will change your device. Now he is not receiving my call.

When I asked Niral Shah to terminate the connection and refund my money back as there are not able to resolve issue. They told me that there is no any refund policy in Spidigo.
Very worst and bad services in the Internet service providers. No responsible person are there.

Please help me to get refund.

I request to other people also, Please do not buy Spidigo Broadband.

Spidigo Address:
401, Parshwa Tower, Near Pakwan II,
SG Highway, Bodakdev,
Ahmedabad 380 054,
Gujarat, India.
Telphone: +91 79 66199999
Email ID: [email protected]

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One thought on “Chandra Net Pvt. Ltd (Spidigo) Complaint – Complaint Towards The Pathetic Service And Unproffesional Staff

  1. I am filing a complaint in consumer court again this company. I need people like you to sign a petition to refund our money. I am approaching all of unfortunate customer. My email id is [email protected] . Contact me.

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