Samsung Complaint – Problem With Refrigerator

Subject: Problem with refrigerator
My Name: Kailashchandra Bhatia
My City: Vadodara
My Complaint Against: Samsung
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 62000
My Complaint Description:
28th December, 2015
1.The Managing Director,
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
2nd,3rd,4th floor,Tower C
Vipul Tech Square,Sector-43,
Golf Course Road,Gurgaon,
Haryana 122002

Dear Sir,

I hereby give you the following notice :

I have purchased Samsung 496 Ltrs. Refrigerator Model no. RT50H5809SL/TL
Bearing Serial No.0BDW04.DG300113B manufactured by M/s. Samsung. PURCHASED from M/s Vijay Sales Ltd., M-Cube Mall for a sum of Rs.62000 vide invoice no 261-VAK04-15SI 558 dated 23/04/2015.

After installation of the said refrigerator, we noticed that there was water formation and accumulation throughout the refrigerator and as a result the contents like vegetables, milk etc. was getting spoilt.

A complaint was lodged with your call centre and send mails to CEO office on.25/7,21/8,2/9,8/9,15/9,3/10..and 21/10 which promised to rectify the defect at the earliest. Service Centre representative visited our residence three times and tried to rectify the defect but was unsuccessful.

I am aggrieved by the fact that even after numerous complaints, there was no action which could rectify the defect except sporadic visits by service centre representative who always tried to convince us that there was nothing wrong with the refrigerator i.e. it has been attended to and now there was no defect and everything was all right, while all along the contents of the refrigerator were getting spoilt.

I draw your kind attention to an email by one Mr.Kirtish Jain of Samsung dated 27th August, 2015 addressed to Mr.Bhavesh Chaudhari of Vijay Sales declaring that there is no technical fault in the set, issue resolved and customer informed.

While your service team unilaterally declared that there was no technical fault in the set, on 28th August, 2015, one Mr.Parikshat Prabhakar phoned me and assured to arrange for attending refrigerator by quality repair and also extension of 5 ( five ) months warranty. Troubled by daily loss of fruits, vegetables, milk and other such items stored in the refrigerator and bearing tremendous inconvenience I reluctantly even agreed for the same.

On 3rd September, 2015 I sent a reminder to Mr. Bhavesh Chaudhari of Vijay Sales informing him about my complaint remaining un solved. After this mail, an engineer tried to attend to the complaint, changed temperature settings here and there but to no avail. Hence again on 14th, 16th, 18th and 25th September, I reiterated my complaint and helplessly awaited a response befitting an MNC of repute like you.

Days passed without any result in attending to my complaint and I continued to suffer loss and agony due to your indifference.

On 4th November, 2015 I received a phone call from Mr. Manish Pande of Samsung giving me option to either accept a replacement with new unit or opt for a refund of purchase price. I opted for option of refund of purchase price and as advised by Mr.Pande, on the same very day I submitted relevant documents viz. copy of invoice, a copy of cancelled cheque and my bank a/c details as required by you to enable you to process my request for refund of purchase price.

While I eagerly awaited refund amount to be credited in my bank a/c, to my great horror and surprise on 17th November, I received a communication from same Mr. Manish Pande, Senior Executive-Customer Experience ( !! ), Samsung India Electronics Limited going back on his own commitment and offering only replacement.

I all along tried to reconcile with your changed stand and contemplated accepting a replacement but looking at the continuous serious mal function of your product leading to daily heavy financial loss and mental stress and agony, on 30th November, I conveyed to you to accept only refund and not replacement since it was your Mr. Manish Pande, who had candidly offered refund.

Being a hapless victim as a trusting buyer having reposed faith in your company, to get over my pain and agony, I finally was forced to accept your proposal of replacement and that too with a truncated guarantee / warranty only from the date of original purchase while your product had never given me even a day of trouble-free satisfactory service. But now as till today I have not received replacement and hence not acceptable without full guarantee. I am still unable to understand that if you are replacing my faulty refrigerator ( which never gave me even a day of satisfactory service ) with a completely new refrigerator why do you shy away from agreeing to complete guarantee / warranty?

In spite of being compelled to agree to all your unilateral and arbitrary terms and conditions, till writing this letter I have not heard or received any communication as to when shall I receive replacement with a new refrigerator. Mental agony and financial loss and severe inconvenience continue till date.

I am exasperated by this callous approach of both M/s Vijay Sales as a trader and M/s Samsung as a manufacturer. I had requested for a replacement with new refrigerator or refund of money. However once having sold the equipment, both these organisations are trying to take advantage of customer’s helplessness.

Lastly I would like to put my painful experience of complain of Refrigerator handled by various office which is as under.
Call centre notes the complain with sweet talk without result of solution and send SMS of satisfactory solution provided.

Service Centre deputes Service Engineer who takes photograph and notes temp. at various compartment and do not share any information or findings.
CEO office mail receives complain reverts with standard reply of contact with 24hrs by senior engineer. Reply/talk is conveyed not through mail always but some time mails received which conveys which was not talked or agreed..
By this notice, I hereby call upon you both to replace the said refrigerator with a new refrigerator which may give desired performance, within a period of 7 days from the date of this notice, failing which I shall be constrained to file a complaint for supply of defective equipment and subsequent deficiency in service before the District Consumer Forum, Vadodara at your entire risk as to cost and consequences.


Kailashchandra Bhatia

Copy to
1. Grahak Suraksha kendra
2. M/s Vijay Sales ,
M-Cube Mall, Near Chakli Circle,
Opp. Kalyan Jwellers Alakapuri Road
Jetalpur, Vadodara Gujarat 390007.

3.Samsung Service Centre
5,Samipya Flat
Opp Welcome Flat
Urmi Dinesh Mill Road

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