TVS Motors Complaint – Parts Replaced/no Service

Subject: Parts replaced/no service
My Name: keyur
My City: ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: TVS Motors
Complaint Category: Automobiles
Claim Amount (Approx.): 3000
My Complaint Description:
I gave my bike for service at Oceanic TVS, near R3 mall, Ahmedabad. I received a call that your bike is ready and you can take your bike by evening, at evening around 6.30 I visited the location for delivery of my bike, after driving around 100 meters from the location, I found there is an issue in front disc break, I was making a noise, so I went back to service station and complained for the same, the guy told me that the issue is because of wash (without seeing it), After 2 days the noise didnt stop and disc break was also not working properly, I again visited the showroom and asked service engineers for the same, again without seeing bike they said its because of water only (as it was raining during those days) I also confirmed that my bike is travelling around 100 KMS everyday and I can see that the disc plate is damaging because of noise, but being so lazy they didnt check that time also.

After around 15 days I got call from TVS for service satisfaction and ratings I said I will give negative ratings because of issue, she asked me to visit again at the showroom for resolving the issue, so I visited there for 3rd time they said they need to keep my bike for a day for proper servicing of disc break, so I kept my bike for the day at evening I received call from them saying my bike is ready and I can take it.

When I visited and checked bike, the disc break was not working properly when I said its not working they said they have added new pads (not brand new but used one) and it will work properly after a day or two.

Again after 5-6 days I visited as disc break was not working properly (ya it was not making noise but it was working like normal break not a disc break) when I complained they said the break works like this only, I said I am travelling too much and I need perfect breaks this is not the solution I am looking for. So he said then you have to buy new pads I agreed for my own safety, but he said that pads are not available today and they will call me once the pads are available.

I didnt receive any call for 10-15 days, I visited the showroom again and asked for availability of pads, but it was not available yet and they said they will call me once they have it in stock.

After now around 30-40 days I again received call from customer care guys regarding complain of my disc brakes, I said its not resolved yet, so they asked me to give my bike for service and complain will be completely resolved this time.

So yesterday i.e. 16-12-2015, I again visited the showroom and gave my bike for service and explained the problem and clearly said I wont be paying a single penny now as I am this is my worst experience, the guy asked me to visit showroom by evening to collect bike. Around 4.00 PM I got call from showroom that there is too much work in disc break and thus they need to keep my bike for a day more (I agreed).

Today i.e 17-12-2015, I received call saying I need to replace disc plates and pads as they are completely damaged. now my question is if pads are damaged and non reparable they should be saying me yesterday only, why they kept my bike for a day more?

I want my bike disc plates and pads to be replaced free of cost noting else.

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