Saral Vastu Complaint – No Effect To Changes Done In Spite Of Results Being Assured

Subject: No effect to changes done in spite of results being assured
My Name: Upadhyay
My City: Thane
My Complaint Against: Saral Vastu
Complaint Category: All Consultants
Claim Amount (Approx.): 65000
My Complaint Description:

Saral Vastu people charge huge amount for consultancy and claim they are always available if we have issues. Ever since we did the vastu as per their advice our problems started increasing. Time and again we called, sent emails(which bounced) requesting them to come and review things in case we had not done something in the proper manner. All to deaf ears Once they got their money why would they bother? I had major health issues and when I recovered after one year of suffering my husband passed away suddenly. I once again requested them to come over but all the did was immediately withdrew my husband's and my testimonials given on various TV channels all to save their name and reputation. So please readers beware don't waste your money on Vastu. I have lost my young husband in spite of doing everything as per Vastu. If these people were genuine they would have come over at the first call we made. I hold them responsible for my husband's death

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