Fraud: [email protected], 9999490225, SBI-20075524676

My Name: hiral b patel
My Complaint Against: vikash gupta ane manager: virendra chauhan.they told me they r working RBI in delhi.
Contact of Complaint Against:
vikash gupta:+91 9999490225↲ email:[email protected]↲ SBI A/C Name- v.laldintluang↲
a/c number- 20075524676 ↲ Dehli branch
My Complaint Description:
hello sir my name is hiral patel and i live in valsad,gujrat..they send me one mail on 16/5/2011 for claim 1 milion pound…n took my a/c numbr n said u put this amount and u will recev half amount of your claim at that time so i put 34,200 in their SBI Account.↲now his mobile is switchd off from last 2 weeks..i know i döne big mistake of my life but if u can help me thats gud coz i know my money is gone bt if u can do something so next time they never cheat other people.↲So plz call me or give me sum contact numbr of you or in valsad’s grahak surksha….thank u sir

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