Prithvi Utility Service Pvt.Ltd.Baroada-Ad Posting Work

I have comleted apporved and correct ad 833 nos. and rejected ad 170 nos total ad 1003 nos. in the month april i.e from 06-04-2011 to 30-04-2011 and I earned Rs.2499/- of april month show on prithvi login, but after date-14-05-2011,I see my a/c was blocked and He has changed my approved and correct ad 833 nos. and do to approve 161 nos. and reject 842 after fifteen days This is wrong  and cheat with me because of do not pay money to me.
Also I have also approved ad 355 nos. in the month may i.e 01-5-2011 to 13-05-2011 so I have total approved ad 833+355=1188 i.e 06-04-2011 to 13-05-2011 means I earned total 1188×3= Rs.3564

But prithvi cheat with me and show only earning money is Rs.1539/-still today.… Continue reading

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