INOX Canteen, Anand, Gujarat Complaint – Excess Amount Taken By Canteen Official At INOX, Anand

Subject: Excess Amount taken by canteen official at INOX, Anand
My City: Anand
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: INOX Canteen, Anand, Gujarat
Complaint Category: Food & Hotels
Claim Amount (Approx.): 200
My Complaint Description:
Reference: Show timing 09:00, Screen 02 – INOX, Anand.. MOvie name: DANGAL

Me and my family went to watch movie DANGAL in referred show, Total No of Tickets: 07 (From B5 to B11)
during interval, my brother went to take a packet of Cheese popcorn which the canteen boy took amount 160.00 (Which was more that amount of single ticket) and a bislery water bottle for Rs 50 (Printed price 20/-).… Continue reading

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Shop Owner At Nsez Canteen Near Chaupal Restaurant Complaint – Selling Products On More Than Its MRP

Subject: selling products on more than its MRP
My Name: nitin
My City: Noida
My Complaint Against: shop owner at nsez canteen near chaupal restaurant
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Canteen owner near chaupal in NSEZ, noida is selling products on more than there MRP for eg. a coke bottle which has its MRP rs36 he is selling it for rs40 and on asking about it he say either do not buy this or if you want to buy this you have to purchase it for rs40 . Secodly on asking for a bill he refuses to give the bill.… Continue reading

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