Cheating In Hilton Premium Club Membership

My Name: shilpa sachit patil
My Contact No. 9821723347
My Complaint Against: Hilton Mumbai International Airport Hotel
Hilton Mumbai International Airport Hotel’s Contact Details: Gavrav 9769594841
Complaint Category: Food & Hotels
My Complaint Description:
We buy the Hilton Hotel premium club membership for a period of 1 year from 11Oct11 to 31 Oct12.We buy it with an intention to use it on special occasions.I ask for room bookinking on 25Sept12 for a special occasion and they say that booking is not availible and they r booked for the full month and I should choose a date in Oct12.In Oct I ask for a date and they say they r booked for the whole of Oct and there is not even a single room availible.They say according to their rules they can allocate rooms only as per availibility.I ask them for their availible dates and they give no dates from their side.I tell them my validity period gets over on 31Oct so need a room before that and because there has been a problem from their side for 2 months they should extend my validity for another 2 months or else give me a room before my validity period expires.They say the can’t do it.I will have to pay fees for another year renew the membership and only then can the extend the room booking validity.I feel this is cheating.They came to us and coaxed us into buying the membership.After buying the membership they wan’t us (o use the perks according to their convinience and not ours.And even if we are ready to use them according to their convinince they are not co-operating and are very rigid.We haven’t bought the mship because we don’t have a place to stay in Mumbai.We brought it to utilise it for special occasions which we coud’nt and have not got the value for the money which we paid.They should not cheat people into buying such memberships which cause inconvinience to the customer rather than pleasure.… Continue reading

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