Mentally Torchering,Interfere In Personal Life,Salary Leval Is Low & Not Have Any Weekend Or Holiday Leave Grahak Suraksha

My Name: Abhi parikh
My Complaint Against: Upstyle Hair /Spa sallon
Contact of Complaint Against:
here the main owner name is Pinky shah & Lopa shah they are some head ck to the all girls and the employee.Here my wife is working in this salon.She said her to that why ur husband drop to the salon so whats the right to she can tell that type of language.And also here i think 20 girls are working and i think that all girls salary are around 6000 to 7000.and the salon daily income is around 50,000 up so i think thats a big harassment for all girls.But the girls are poor houses so they can not do any action above this situation.And one more thing they can not give any holiday i mean the salon is working for seven thats are the normal problems,and the big problem is that 2 owners are interfere in our life means they told my feonsay that why are u live with this person and etc…So i say my & My feonsay mother & father have no pro then why she can interfere in my life.That are the problems and this problem is so small but if you want to know more then pls
call me on this no.and pls do some thing for the all girls bcas the bosses are mentally torchering them and interfere there life.… Continue reading

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