Snapdeal Complaint – Sending False Emails And Messages Regarding Courier Pickup Of The Item.

Subject: Sending false emails and messages regarding courier pickup of the item.
My City: New delhi
My Complaint Against: Snapdeal
Complaint Category: Online Shopping
Claim Amount (Approx.): 19974
My Complaint Description:
Order date: 2 nov 2016
I have a complaint regarding my sofa set . Actually i have to return this item due to certain damages.
But the company is sending me false email and messages for the pickup of product. But there is no call no status regarding pickup , in morning it shows that courier is out for pickup and evening it shows pickup failed and this shows that there is no attempt taken by the courier regarding the product pickup.… Continue reading

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Hdfc Bank Complaint – Marketing Calls & Messages

Subject: Marketing calls & messages
My Name: ishan mehta
My City: ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: hdfc bank
Complaint Category: Advertising Media
Claim Amount (Approx.): 3000
My Complaint Description:
I paid 2500 for closing my bank account with you then why the hell do you keep messaging me for credit card.
i have closed my account long ago.
i got a call from this number 1204290437 today at 12:20 for opening a savings bank account.
person calling tells that "call to aayega hi"

messages received & respective numbers & time.
+918487945013 tuesday 15/12/2015 : 11:37 pm
+919173456112 monday 15/02/2016 : 7:28 am
+919054596014 wednesday 23/03/2016 10:29am
+919054596009 wednesday 23/03/2016 10am
+919054596001 monday 22/02/2016 9:46pm

above are the messages i received & my number is in dnd
i wish to claim 3000 as they keep messaging me & the branch doesnt answer
I had to waste my petrol to go to their branch & i got injured while going to their branch that costed me for first aid
they are giving un necessary mental stress
i have the snapshots of the messages

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HTC Having No Software To Prevent Flash Messages From Network Provider

My Name: Maksud Belim
My Contact No. 9913122776
My Complaint Against: HTC
HTC’s Contact Details: 18662663566
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
My Complaint Description:
I have purchased HTC Desire X dual sim on Saturday 13th July 2013. I inserted Idea sim and phone started showing message popups on top of screen every second.

I contacted to Idea and HTC but they are unable to solve my problem.
Idea told me that HTC phone does not have facility to stop flash messages.

Now, I want to return back my HTC phone to HTC company and get my money back.

Maksud Belim
+91-9913122776… Continue reading

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Promotional Offer Messages Comes Regularly Being Registered On DND

My Name: vivek bansal
My Contact No. 9758149441
My Complaint Against: reliance gsm
reliance gsm’s Contact Details:
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
My Complaint Description:
Dear sir,I had registered my n0. 9758149441 in Dnd service completely but since 1 month promotional messages comes regularly on my no. in a big quantity.nearly 15 days before i renewed my DND subscription but the problem continues. kindly see the matter. vivek bansal… Continue reading

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Un Demanded Messages

My Name: जगदीश गीरधरलाल कोष्टी
My Contact No. 9687017200
My Complaint Against: Vodaphone
Vodaphone’s Contact Details: [email protected]
Complaint Category: Vodafone Complaints
My Complaint Description:

सविनयज्ञात होवे कि मै(जगदीश गी. कोष्टी) वोडाफोन का मौजूदा ग्राहक हूँ मेरा मो. नं. 9687017200 है । ईस मोबाईल नंबर पर मेरी किसी भी प्रकार की मांग के बिना कंपनी से ईन्टरनेट सेटींग और उससे संबंधीत मेसेज दि. 24-11-12 से हर रोज आ रहे हैं । इस प्रकार के मेसेज मेरे मोबाल पर न आवे इसलिये कस्टमर केयरमे रुबरु और 111 पर भी शिकायत दर्ज करने के बावजूद मुझे हर दिन दो नये मेसेज कंपनी से भेजे जा रहा है, … Continue reading

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