Fraud With Us In MRClassic(1-3) + RZIndia Package Grahak Suraksha

My Name: Jaydev Navneetbhai Trivedi
My Complaint Against: Times Jobs
Contact of Complaint Against:
Company name: Times Jobes
Company Contact No: 01203871166
Perso Name: Upendra
Contact no: 08802943872
Complaint Category:
All Consultants
My Complaint Description:
Times jobs is a totally fraud company.they are a type of bullsit career MRClassic(1-3) + RZIndia service for which they are taking Rs.4159 and saying they are forwarding ur resume to 1250+ consultancy and assuring that you are getting a call after week. I got also trapped in 18th May 2012 and buy that type of useless service not getting a single call from any company even after so many days.… Continue reading

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