HTC Corporation, India Complaint – Cheating, Fraud & Harrasement On – HTC One X Smartphone

Subject: Cheating, Fraud & Harrasement on – HTC One X Smartphone
My Name: Dilip Mewada
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: HTC Corporation, India
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): 28000
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,
I have purchased HTC One X smartphone from authorised dealer of HTC Smartphone A M Mobile Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad-Vastrapur from where i received the invoice including vat paid in july 2013.

HTC Handsets One X + S728E – Black
IMEI : 353567053210069
Charger : TCE 2501RCA1355330828

After few months the phone started flickering and hangs sometimes so i gone to A M Mobile Pvt Ltd store and who have updated the software then the phone works find but recently in April 2015 phone started auto on off , then hangs. suddenly then after it was switched off and then when i tried to start its starting for few second and then again switched off, this continuous even after resetting the phone.

Then i visited HTC Authrised service center – Abhinav Technologies Ashram Road when i submitted the phone almost months back, today on 7th September 2015 i got call and mail from service center by asking to approve quotation. when i saw the quotation which is Rs. 27,188/- (80% of the phone cost). i was shocked and i felt that the companies are knowingly making phones / software which will allow them to make money when the phone come for repair.

The quotation cover all replacement of parts including motherboard, speaker, etc..
This is not at all accepted being consumer who bought high cost phone, i accept if the phone was damaged externally or something goes wrong by me but in this case whole issue of HTC Corporation who have not tested the phone properly which resulted to issue in mother board.

Details &status of Phone Submitted at HTC Authorised Center :
Ticket Number : 15INA330011600
RMA No : AMD003-0012235
Outbound Tracking No : 807765226914
Quotation Details received by mail : Consumed Part
Parts Details of Quotation i received :
1 HTC-35H00197-00M BATTERY LI-POLYMER 2040MAH 3.8 1 : Rs.536.79
2 HTC-36H00955-02M SPEAKER AAC ELECTRONICS DMSP09 1 : Rs.108.69
4 HTC-72H06832-00M COPPER FOIL FRONT ENRC2 U 1 : Rs.33.19
5 HTC-72H07056-00M COPPER FOIL BACK ENRC2 U 1 : Rs.33.19
6 HTC-74H02354-02M BEZEL PRE-ASSY SOFT TOUCH UNIB 1 Rs.1237.02
7 HTC-76H08521-00M SPONGE LED LENS ENR U 1 : Rs.2.49
8 HTC-76H08691-00M SPONGE LED NEW ENR U 1 : Rs.4.98
9 HTC-76H09059-00M SUPPORT TYPE1 WIFI GPS PC ENR 2 : Rs.3.32
10 HTC-80H01385-00 FRU-SUB ASSY GENERIC COLOR GEN 1 : Rs.5667.41
11 HTC-99HTD051-02 FRU MAIN BOARD HTC ENGLISH-WWE 1 : Rs.15308.89
Service Job Documents : Cost Head Amount
Part(+) 23098.56
Labor(+) 625.00
VAT(+) 3464.78
Disc(-) 0.00
ServiceTax(+) 0.00
Edu. Cess(-) 0.00
SSEdu Cess(-) 0.00
Spl Disc(-) 0.00
Net Total 27188.00
I completely shocked and feel like company is trying to cheat by getting money on repair as the amount of phone is not small being middle class family. this has make me unstable and request to help in either getting my phone repaired free of cost or to get replacement of my phone.

Dilip Mevada
email : [email protected]

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