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My Name: Rangamani Kala
My Contact No. 07738072152
My Complaint Against: Service deficieny By Reliance Communication.
Service deficieny By Reliance Communication.’s Contact Details: [email protected]
Complaint Category: Reliance Comaplaints
My Complaint Description:
1. In December 2012, when your company refused to convert the existing netconnect (9321449194) to 3G, I was forced to purchase another dongle with no. 7666272152. I had requested that the connection be terminated, which was not done and I was asked to Pay Rs 216/-, which I paid. I was told that I could terminate the services by February 2013 and they would keep the line in safe custody, when I requested termination. Your customer service personnel stated that the line would get terminated by February 2013 if I never needed the connection.
2. In February I was shocked to receive a bill for Rs 200/- when I contacted the customer service number, they asked me to visit a RCom centre. I declined and then they asked me to pay the Rs 200/- and they would be able to disconnect the line. I paid even after one Mr. Mehtab was very rude. I sent across a communication.
3. I received a mail from the customer service on 27.02.2013 stating that my complaint was being addressed and my Service Complaint ID was 199017596 & stating the problem would be resolved in 5 days.
4.On 25.03.2013, I was again sent across a bill for the month, when I again pointed out that my connection was to be terminated, but I received no response from RCom.
5. Once again on 25.04.2013, I received yet another bill for the same service which I have cried form roof tops that I want terminated. I again brought it to notice, when I received a mail from Mr. Rakesh Bageria that I have an outstanding of Rs. 1385.67/- (For a number in safe custody!!!!!).
6. On 26.04.2013, I received a response from Mr. Abdul Shaikh asking me to first get the deactivation done and then provide the Reason for service termination, Alternate contact number ,Best time to contact you at the alternate number. I provided all the information again.
7. On 27.04.2013 Mr Sachin Bhangale wrote that Rcom is working on the complaint.

I need a final closure without me visiting your RCom centre and without payment. If possible I would like a reimbursement for the mental harassment that I have been put through.

Kindly respond with your permanent solution.

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  1. Sir my mob no 9103110591 not activated by your reliance shop at nagrota jamu. Madam mob no 9103277790. My no is save custody for three months and I wish to activated now. So rewuest confirm me when activated my mob no 7889506900 for confirmation.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Last 10 days I have facing alot of network problem in my area. I have also registered a 3 times complaints but still there is no progress and even my local state reliance customer care not picked up my phone call. I’m not happy with your service…. please solve my network problem as per possible otherwise I will port my number in another company.

  3. very harassing talking to customers. my phn was on hold but seniors are continuously busy and at d end my number got disconnected. very cheap system of reliance communication. Co. changed my complaintpaid .if ur team have spare time call me on 9018057017

  4. I want to port out my mobile numbers are 7718890376,377,378
    I am feed up of your service as when I require there is no network, I am facing this issue for last two months,
    Please make my number port out urgently as I am traveling out from 12/08/2017.
    so please please port out my number on urgent base I had paid my bill outstanding more than I got bill.

  5. Dear Rangamani Kala:
    This is to inform you that after trying to contact your Customer Care by phone which was forever busy I would like to inform you that I would like you to kindly deactivate my account with you. I am Ronald Laloo, a complaintpaid Customer. My No. is 9313051597. I have be barred from making anymore outgoing calls for no reason whatsoever and I think the customer service of Reliance is the worst. So kindly DEACTIVATE my number ASAP. I would greatly appreciate it. I will pay the balance that I owe as soon as the bill arrives. Thank you in anticipation.

    Ronald Laloo.

  6. I am Raja paswan.I can not contract your customs care, reliance sim card is totally off but your reliance store is not help me. Plz help me this no 9674048210 .

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