Dell India Complaint – Faulty Laptop And Bed Service Afterwards

Subject: faulty laptop and bed service afterwards
My Name: Parth
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Dell India
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 61500
My Complaint Description:
Hello Sir/Mam,

Myself Parth Patel, I am a Structural Engineer. I design schools for "Sarv Siksha Abhiyan" AN Indian Government program. for my Structural Designing work I brought laptop (Dell Inspiron15 5559 worth 61490/- with service tag No. 865T462) on 10th march 2016. when I start the laptop I saw that the display has some issues. there was lining in display, shades in videos and blurry screen as well as text in every software which I was installing was blurry even computer management setting screen was blurry so after almost a month long conversation with dell technical support they have told me that they will replace my laptop. so I asked them how long this replacement process will take so they told me it will take 25 to 30 days so again I ask them how many days I won't have laptop with me so they told me there will be about 10 working days between old laptop pick up and new laptop delivery so I agreed with that after that with in just 2-3 days they picked my laptop mean while I received E-mail notifying me that I will receive my laptop after a month so I reply them that "you told me that there will be about 10 days gap between laptop pick up and delivery but now its about 25 days" so after that I told that I am going to file complain in consumer forum. after long conversation DELL INDIA'S replacement head ensure me that he can't promise but he will try his best to escalate the process please do not file complaint in consumer forum. so I agreed with him but I didn't got my laptop earlier so I was not satisfied yet but there wasn't any reason to complain now because I got my new laptop with "service tag No. CPCCQ72" and "Express service code: 27653791646" so now I can start my work again. but again when I start laptop I find that one of the problem is still there text is still blurry in each and every software I was installing so I requested onsite support which is in my warranty and they didn't provided me with my first laptop even after a very long technical support conversation but now they are telling me indirectly that do what you want to do we won't provide you onsite support with out talking with technical support then I told them I will complain in consumer forum but still they didn't care a little bit so in the end I called them for first two times they were asking me my laptops service tag number and then told me that there tools are under maintenance so they can't assist me, I told them I work in consultancy 9:30 am to 8:00/9:00 pm and after 9:00 pm I work on my own designing projects how do they expect me to spare time for them every now and then so again I ask for onsite support they again denied my request. Now my work load is getting increase so I decided to take a leave from job and contact them on so I took a leave on 30th may 2016 Monday now they picked up my call asking me about my problem and service tag number for my laptop and hanging my call pretending that it got hanged up while transferring call this happened again and again so I knew that because of my earlier dispute they are hanging my calls, telling me there system is under maintenance so they can't help me with online troubleshoot.

Its been almost 5 months of my purchase of 61490/- laptop for my structure designing work and yet I am unable to work. I always ask them politely for onsite support now after their literal harassment its time that I ask for little bit more then just onsite support. Now I want onsite support as well as 50,000/- compensation for ruining my reputation as a Structure Designer in front of my Potential clients and waste of my investment of 61490/- on this on this laptop for 5 months.

I have recordings of all phone call with dell tech support as well as e-mails as a proof. I can send you all if you need it.

Parth Patel (M.Tech)
Structural Engineer
Mobile: 8866114513

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