L G Electronicks Complaint – TV SPAre Replacements

Subject: TV SPAre replacements
My Name: Bipinkumar Nathalala Lunavia
My Complaint Against: L G Electronicks
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
From:- B N Lunavia . Date 07 Aug. 2015
A-1004, Gundecha Symphony, Veera Desai Road,
ANDHERI ( W ) MUMBAI 400 053
[email protected]
Sub:- Regarding my LED display not working LG LED 42 Inch, Model Number 42LV5500-TA.ATRYLJL
Ref :- Complain Number RNA 150708010798
Dear Sir,
1. The complain done on 1st July to call center Number 1801809999
2, Technician Mr Sanjay came after two /three days. he checked and found that mother board has gone. He informed me that he has spare mother board with him and informed to pay Rs 5400 (including tax & services charges of his visit, I had agreed and he replaced the mother board and TV was working except optical fiber port was not working. He has spoken to his superior and informed me that he has to remove mother board as it's optical port not working and he will come with new mother board to replace or same mother board expert to make functional. For the mother board right now i will pay the cost Rs 5400 ( five thousand four hundred only), and you have to assure that problem of optical port will be resolved.
Mr Sanjay has not agreed and he has removed the mother board and went back informing that I will be back with new mother board and replace.
3, On three days later somebody from LG calls me and informed that Mr Sanjay has given be the mother board and I will come to replace if You pay Rs 6600 including tax & technician charges (six thousand six hundred). I informed him that Mr Sanjay has given the price of Rs, 5400 how you can charged Rs. 6600. he has bluntly told if agree to pay Rs 6600 ( six thousand six hundred only) then only I will come. He not even came nor ready to discussed with Mr Sanjay.
4, There after I am chasing to call centers 1801809999 from 08/07/2015 and one madam Shivangi assure to attend the complain. Had a con calls with Mumbai LG centers but No results .
5, There after I was following up with numbers 180018009999,022 28352882, 022 28352890, but promises without commitments.
6, Today 22 Aug 2015) again I call LG 1800180 9999 hold for 30 min no response.
It is very serious on part of LG Electronics service that in spite of so many reminders / follow-ups , no action till date !!!!
I want the LG to take action on ASAP at no cost.
B N Lunavia
Date 04 Sept. 2015
On 31 Aug 2015 I had inquired for my above complain I got answer that complain has been closed without any reason/information. call centre has forced me to lodge fresh complain RNA 150831054885 on same day.
After complain on 1st Sept one technician calls and informed for fresh checking of TV, I had informed that TV has been checked and informed that Mother board replacement.
Technician informed i will give the call in two days for the mother board price. on 3rd night technician called and informs that the mother board price is Rs 8600/- you have to pay then I will come and replace. I had discussed with him that first technician had charged Rs 5400/- why you are asking Rs 8600/- , in reply to my question he bluntly replied if you ready to pay then only; Ii will come and replace mother board.
Today 04 Sept 2015 again with grace of somebody called from LG service+912261587300 for follow up and on con call Mr Prasan (ASM) joined with call centre Madam.
I had explained Mr Prasan the stages of priced escalation by technician from Rs.5400, Rs. 6600 and Rs.8600 for mother board within short time.
Here I would have played trick, accepted the faulty mother board, paid Rs 5400/- next day complained for Optical port not working and LG has to replace this board. some time honesty becomes punishments.

Reminder dated 19th Sept 2015
No action till date

dated 19th Sept 2015 11.30 am
Called to Mr Rohit – LG Dealer Mumbai 022 6888 8449 on 19th sept 2015, and he reply that call on 1800 180 9999
called 1800 180 9999 – Mr Abhishek directed to Ms Kavita – she again registered new complain for part replacement RNA 150919085537 and directed to call on number 09833374206 Mr Prshant Patel have tried for three (between 12.00 noon to 1.30 AN) times all the time call was busy.
I had a chance to tall to Mr Prashant Patel at 4.00 pm today and assured the mother board replacement at first price( Rs 5400 Rs. five thousand four hundred only) replaced by Mr sanjay

dated 25th Sept 2015 12.30 pm
01.102015 1800 180 9999 Mr Shiv directed to call Mr Shajid Saiyad who has not responded.
Mr Shajid Saiyad 022 28352890 called
01.10.2015 12:59 pm
Mr Vaibhav K Vartak 022 9930881013 called he was A/C segments. Mr Vaibhav has given Mr Patil's cell Number 9833374206 assured to close the complain
03.10.2015 12:59 pm
Mr Patil's cell Number 9833374206 called again today. after two three rings, SMS received I can note take call, call you 15 Min. But No response after 15 min.

13.10.2015 12:59 pm
Mr Ravi called and bluntly asked for the price whatever he ask for. There after I had called 18001809999 had a con call with call centre. Mr Ravi was repeatedly telling that board was not replaced but please find the below picture of the mother boarded replace( price was Rs 5400/- including tax & service charges) which was having problems (of Optical port not working).
The picture of the board replaced and taken back by Mr Sanjay.

Date 17 Oct 2015 Mr Manjeet grievances cell called and informed to that he will definitely resolved the issue.
Date 20 Oct 2015 Mr Manjeet – informs you have to pay Rs 8800/- for replacement of Mother board not ready to share the phone numbers of senior members. and was not ready to reply email received by him.

Date 20 Oct 2015 Mr Rajeev Shah – 9930802991 assured to resolve the complain No reply from there end till date
date 24th Oct 2015 called again for giving mother board pricing again by email till date not reply.

date 28 Nov 2015 called again Mr Rajeev Shah – 9930802991 no response
called to 1800 180 9999 given assurance to resolve the issue and informed to send mail through LG web mail.
27 Dec 2015 & 3 Jan 2016 I had meeting Hyper city Head to resolve the issue and handed over the complain list. ( The TV was purchased from hyper city Mall Malad, MUMBAI)

on 4th Jan 2016 Mr Mohit Phone +91 120246 0177 Ghaziabad called and confirmed the price Rs 6500

on 18th Jan 2016 called on 1800 180 9999 Mr Abhishek was on line and confirmed that within one hour seniors will call
After two hours (at 5.45 PM) Mr Rishbh from escalation team called and informed that our seniors ( supervisors) are busy, I ( Mr Rishabh) will call in 24 Hrs. No repsonce
Again on 23rd Jan 2016 1.45 PM , I have call to 18001809999, the Mr Abhishak was on line just like commitment to solve problem in 24 Hours.
After two Hrs Mr Saddam Hussein calls from 91 120 2460177 number and confirms the price of Mather board Rs 6600/- on the day of complain on 8th July 2015 I had agreed to Pay for Card Rs 6600/- and informed tha I will speak to my superior and confirm to the send the card at Rs 6600/- But to my surprise he called again and informed that you have to pay Rs 8850/- then only he will organize. this nothing but harassment.

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