Samsung Electronics Complaint – LED TV Have Become A Dummy Box Because Of Poor Service Response From Samsung Team

Subject: LED TV have become a dummy box because of poor service response from Samsung team
My Name: Robin Koshy Varghese
My City: Pathanamthitta
My Complaint Against: Samsung Electronics
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 33000
My Complaint Description:
I have purchased a Samsung 3D LED TV (UA40ES6200 RXZN) from Oman 2.5 years back with international warranty. I kept my TV disconnected and went aboard for last 8 months. When I came back to India and switched on the TV, I found the display is not working. I can see that the grains in the screen without LED back light. I called the customer care and registered a complaint (Ref. No: 41999904454) regarding the same. A service engineer came to my home and after inspection he have asked me to carry the TV set to the service center. I carried the set to service center at Pathanamthitta, Kerala and the service engineer inspected the TV in front of me by providing power supply. The technician have informed me that there is some problem in the power supply board and it needs to be replaced. After 2 days he called me and said that the cost of replacement of power board charges will be Rs.12000. When I asked in detail, he said that the board will cost around Rs.6000 and the service and inspection charges will be Rs.5500 and additional tax around Rs.500. I asked for the reason behind service charge of Rs.5000, he said since the TV is purchased from abroad, Samsung have a separate policy for TVs purchased from outside India. The sad part is that even the technician is unable to rectify the fault and what is the logic behind charging Rs.5000 for replacing a board by just plugging two wires and fixing some screws.

Samsung is an international brand and provides international warranty, and I didn’t understand the logic behind an extra service charge for TVs. On this note, I contacted the Samsung CEO office for enquiring about extra charge for TV purchased from outside India, Samsung have forwarded my complaint with a new reference number (Ref. No:8450824628). After two days, one executive (Deepak) from Samsung Noida office contacted me and asked to send the warranty documents. I have provided all the documents and after 2 weeks they informed us that the service engineer at Pathanamthitta, Kerala have already changed the power board without informing me and have identified that it’s not a power board issue and the problem is with the LED panel and will cost 33,000 INR for replacement.

How can Samsung engineer can change the power board without informing the customer and how can we believe that the information Samsung executive providing is correct. Further, the panel in my TV was already replaced by Samsung service center Pathanamthitta during the warranty period (October 2013) and we haven't used the TV for more than 2 months after replacement. Also I doubt whether the service engineer have checked properly or have replaced the working LED panel with a defective one. I am feeling so doubtful because the service center executives are saying all these without providing any information to us even though we live very close to service center.
I strongly believe that this a good example that shows the poor quality of Samsung products as well as the lack of qualified technicians. Also, if I was ready to provide 12000 INR initially, and if they identify that the panel have some problems after replacement of power board, won't the service team rectify the problem in my TV? Why Samsung is always asking for replacement of parts even before trying to repairing the faulty set?

I do not feel that spending Rs.33000 for replacing the LED panel is worth as the same new TV set costs approximately 45000 INR in India. Due to the lack of qualified technicians who can even identify the exact fault, I am in a confused state. I need to know what is the exact problem in my TV and I strongly recommend not to buy a Samsung TV. I am very sorry to say about the pathetic and unprofessional service of such a big company. I am sharing my bad experience with all of you so that in future, nobody else should face such an issue and now the service team is asking for Rs.33000.

I believe that I will get a correct solution by raising a complaint in this forum and I will came to know what have happened actually and is this a game of Samsung as I have denied to pay the extra service charges for TV brought from aboard?


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One thought on “Samsung Electronics Complaint – LED TV Have Become A Dummy Box Because Of Poor Service Response From Samsung Team

  1. Hi,
    I had the same problem with my Samsung TV purchased in Europe. The Samsung service center guys in Bangalore said Rs. 5000 as it is purchased outside India. For any TV purchased in India, the cost is less than 1/10th of it. It is totally a very strange and useless policy from Samsung. Why do they call International.
    I did manage to service it for 6.5 k totally with cost of second hand motherboard from local service guys.

    My brother was coming from Europe next week and have asked him to buy a TV other than Samsung for my parents even if there is issues with other brand. Totally will boycott Samsung TVs in my family hereon and also advice about friends by giving negative remarks about service.


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