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Complaint Against: Evolve Brands Pvt Ltd.
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Evolve Brands Pvt Ltd.
Office#26 Linkway Estate, Link Road, Malad(West) Mumbai-400064
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Respected Sir,
My name is Ravi Kiranbhai Shah, I was working with evolve brands pvt ltd, (on roll)from 20th September as a sales officer for their simcom mobile project, for this job i have made contract with corporate career consultancy and for that i have to give them half month salary once i get from the company, and the consultancy told me for 6 month u will not get any target from the company, but before i finish 1 month in job company told me to resign from the job so i have resigned on 31 st October 2010, I have submitted all the things to the company and get NOC letter from regional head for simcom mobile project, but still i have not receive my salary of 1 full month even after repeated calls and email to the company, finally they told me to submit the fees to consultancy as per contract, i am ready to pay the half salary to consultancy but i have not even get 1 month salary and as per contract consultancy told me there will be no target job to all who have joined the company for the same complaint. so please sir help me to get my salary from the company. I have offer letter,NOC from the company and 10 days salary slip from the company as a proof.

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