Explora Academy & Vadodara Design Academy Complaint – Complaint Of FRAUD Against NATA Preparation Coaching Institute & An Architecture Institute In Vadodara, Gujarat

Subject: Complaint of FRAUD against NATA preparation coaching institute & an Architecture institute in Vadodara, Gujarat
My Name: Concerned Anonymous
My City: Vadodara
My Complaint Against: Explora Academy & Vadodara Design Academy
Complaint Category: Education
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,

I am writing this with a great concern. I am an architect and I am also an academician along with a practicing architect. Hearing about the below mentioned case, I was shook completely due to what is happening with the education of our country. The case is as below:

Being a keen observer of NATA test, its evaluation criteria & results of past few years, we suspect a malpractice of a high level by one of the architecture institute & one NATA preparation coaching institute collectively. What we could observe is surprising and shocking. The entire incident is as follows:

A repeatedly heard name in Architecture academics in the city of Vadodara is also running one NATA coaching institute in collaboration with bunch of young architects. The suspect is also the Dean & owner of one of the ‘infamous’ Architecture Institute in the city of Vadodara in Gujarat. Although, his name never surfaces nor publishes for his NATA coaching venture. The NATA coaching institute is tactfully handed over to some junior architects, who run the entire show. The reason for keeping his name undercover is shocking.
This NATA coaching institute, since it started, is delivering some of the highest scoring NATA candidates (i.e. recent highest score of 158 out of 200 is also by a student from this institute). Surprising high scores of NATA and strikingly high theory scores are consistently recorded from the institute (average theory scores of 65 & record highest of 83 out of 100). Which doesn’t raise doubt of any sort at once, but the story is different & more complex than it appears. This institute was established as a ‘supporting industry’ soon after the Architecture College was established. Ironically, that college till the date is also a NATA test centre.
Heard and observed keenly by some other student candidates appearing for NATA test at the same centre (as above mentioned Architecture Institute), the entire setup of exam is somewhat strange. The observations raise doubt upon the Architecture college and their “collaboration” with that specific NATA coaching institute:
At that NATA test centre, one observes strangely set up CCTV cameras in the examination hall. There are total of 4 HD CCTV cameras in the hall, out of which, one is pointing at the candidates & the rest are placed such that they all get the coverage of computer screens. Another observation is, the students from that particular coaching class are found to be wearing a specific coloured dress as a dress-code, and they all are made to carry one unique and identical sketch pen box. These dress codes are developed by them for getting easily identified by the NATA centre staff. They get unusual favours by the staff-persons at NATA centre such as extended time in drawing test. Part of this set-up is also such that they also extract the online test questions somehow. It sounds very absurd, but it remains a fact that either the server installed at the centre is manipulated or the HD CCTV covering computer footages are responsible for obtaining NATA online test questions. On the other hand, the coaching institute provides preparation for online theory test. The coaching for the same are provided in the class where students are not allowed to take their notebook or phones or cameras along (so that the material/questions doesn’t spread elsewhere). This preparations start few days after the above mentioned NATA centre gets active, so that the question bank is provided to the Coaching institute from that NATA centre.
Other evidences are; the coaching institute encourages and suggests students to appear for NATA exam only once, in spite of having the higher limit of five attempts. The date is also selected for the candidate by the coaching institute, unlike other coaching institutes where students select the exam date.
Also, this coaching institute verbally ‘guarantees’ the minimum score of 110 and the candidate who is willing to pay their ‘Premium fees’ which is a sum of rupees 1,00,000, they are given ‘premium class’. In the premium class, the candidates are provided with the question bank of online theory test which are essentially the questions obtained from the NATA test centre. In such a competitive test, where cracking the score of 80 out of 200 (which is minimum marks needed to get qualified) itself is difficult for average scoring student, the institute ‘guarantees’ the score of soaring 110. Also to be noted that NATA scores at Vadodara are surprisingly high due to this reason (most of the high scoring applicants are also from this particular coaching institute).
Looking at the entire scenario, it would be an understatement to not blame these institutes. The names of these institutes are “Explora Academy” and “Vadodara Design Academy” respectively. This entire set of observations and facts points at the fraud / malpractice. We really suspect a sincere malpractice by these institutes and we kindly urge you to look into this matter and take the necessary legal steps against them.
Eagerly looking forward to the follow up and positive progress in this Fraud case.

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