Flipkart Complaint – Payment Issue

Subject: payment issue
My Name: Akhtarhusain
My City: SURAT
My Complaint Against: Flipkart
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): not decided yet
My Complaint Description:
Dear sir
On June 4th 2015, I tried to purchase Dell Vostro 3445 Notebook of Rs 20490 per unit price on flipkart (Online purchase) by "American Express credit card" but transaction failed and purchase was not successful and I tired this for four time on same day periodically as it is being suggested by both Flipkart, and American express Bank, that better try after an hour and so did the same but all the four attempts was failed on sane day 4 June 2015, and amount of Ra 20490 four time (Total Ra 81960) being deducted from American express bank, and when bill generated I have been charged the same amount being charged with interest while I have not received any order for which the amount was deducted by flipkart, while contacting flipkart it came to know that the amount which was deducted being deposited in wallet ( While I was not knowing what is the wallet ) the person who was talking with me flipkart costumer executive (To day on 29 June 2015 between 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm) inform that it is by default in system that amount is deposited in wallet, I said this is not fair without consent of costumer or without knowing him or after final confirmation this need be done, because costumer may not comes to know that deducted amount not being deposited in bank instead it is being deposited in so called wallet, I talked to senior person their in flipkart he said that it is not default by you selected this option, but actually I did not do that, I said you should have given information to me for final confirmation and should have given all the detail about this and there should be some account number of wallet as the money being deposited in that and this number need to provided to costumer and it must be secured but nothing like that happened, actually once the amount deducted then it becomes their assets or property who deducted amount, least concern whether costumer have received the order or not, if the seller can not provides or send the order to buyer then the deducted amount not remains the property or assets of seller instead it need to be deposited or refunded where from it was drawn or deducted, but this is not happening in actual. and being deposited in wallet without consent of customer. The same case happened with
"Paytm" and they did the same thing but the at least inform me that your amount has been deposited in (So called your wallet) and you can use this later on, I said that this is not reasonable and not fair and against the low you can not deposited this amount anywhere you want, without my consent, but better to refund it to may account because you are not able to provided the service for which you gave commitment, in my opinion such weird method need to be stopped because has to pay the bank charge different tax formation if not paid then late fee too, on other hand buyer uses the money without any interest, when I talked to Flipkart that I have been charged different tax because of you only so flipkart has to compensate the amount what ever charged by "American Express card" and if this is not being done then I will ask for the legal help, but as usual they said " You are free to that" .
After a very long argument Flipkart said that we have just two times amount that is being deposited in wallet for the rest of two times amount they do not have any detail, and asked for some time if they could trace out this, Flipkart assure for refund the amount in American Bank but refuse the Pay the interest from 4 June 2015 till date 29 June 2015 on wards until then deposit the amount (Rs 81960) again the refuse pay the taxes (Purchasing ) what ever being charged by American Express card, requesting you two look in to this matter thank
My name is :- Dr Akhtarhusain Shaikh
Contact No 98983484898 [email protected] (please do not expose my email ID)

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