GEB(Gujrat Electriccity Board)-Surat Complaint

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Dear sir,
I am Jayesh Patel from Surat. I am B.Com. I want to transfer name in light bill of GEB , I visited my nearest GEB office 3 time but they give me ans. we have to form for name transfer, visit after 15 days. This way I visited 3 times but I can’t get form, indirectly they want money from me,
Look sir_  if I paid my light bill after due date do i get punishment of 100Rs. they not give me form of name transfer in my light bill…
so y they we have no any rules for it…..
I am busy in my business so slots of time,
if I give them only 500Rs he do my work in only 2 day.. but I follow rules

so PLZZZZ help me SIR

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One Response to GEB(Gujrat Electriccity Board)-Surat Complaint

  1. Bhavin patel says:

    i am live in ashoknagat society in olpad..
    i am live in a last way in society..
    this line have only 1-phase its so bad..and over computer are not work please give 3-phase

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