Group Of Companies, Chroma Retail, LG India, & Google India Complaint – Written Device COMPLAINTS Remains Unresolved From Date Of Buying, 1 Months Ago

Subject: Written device COMPLAINTS remains unresolved from date of buying, 1 months ago
My Name: JD Patel
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Group of companies, Chroma Retail, LG India, & Google India
Complaint Category: Handset Compalints
Claim Amount (Approx.): Replacement of Device Manufacturer, Motorola instead of LG _.
My Complaint Description:
I will provide detail upon your interest in my justice, reply via email for detailed issue..

Only I can say,

I bought LG NEXUS 5X Used device, from Chroma Himalaya Mall, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
After buying truth revealed that, Bought Device is not New one, it's Used device with Effective Warranty period from 30 July. Device found DAMAGED upon Arriving back to home, During Physical Verification , I found Battery Status as 100%, Shocked at the moment, but retailer assured as normal…….

Device box Accessories found used, as it wasn't in company sealed condition, I have been Provided with Used cable, by Telling, Cable cleaning formalities, (How can cable require cleaning if it's not Used…. I ignored silly doubts, as I was buying it for only GOOGLE //..

Within approx 30 min, I found Battery at 80%, without any cellular/wifi/wireless activity……. It's weird to see such Huge loss of battery,

I claimed at the time upon confirming Damage, within 08 hours of buying (legal email application), all involved possible parties also got Carbon copy mail notice, includes, Chroma Retail,,, LG INDIA, LG LOCAL CITY SERVICE CENTER, GOOGLE HQ, INDIA, Unfortunately you would b last hope for justice….. ((((I've no more Trust about protection of my rights as Indian Citizen.. ((())))

In fact,First attempt to seek help from gov of India.. I tried more than once from Other countries , with Positive response, without Being citizens of that country.

I'm demanding since last month to all concerned persons, NO response even….

I was seeking just replacement of same version, but know I also seek compensation of time & wages due to follow up on Replacement Complaints…

I also even called , Final overall Authority (GOOGLE NEXUS PROJECT HQ), I felt insult for being Indian… , I was told Indirectly, that, "Indians not eligible for Replacement or any complaints. ….. Google can't provide Customer Service to their Users after being Paid for it, due to INDIAN Google can't help, Refer LG,"""" Shocked, guilty of being such country Citizen, & my right, felt shame of being Indian, after paying,,,
I don't think that, Indian govt Laws for Marketing comes with Customer protection , Rights, THEN WHY GOOGLE ALLOWED TO MARKET IN INDIA FOR business With such customer service????

It's our fault to allow Companies Product with no Customer Support evidence.////… As responsibility of sellers. . Our fault to welcome it in Indian markets…… Where Profits also earned from Indian Citizens, with out Customer Support. Disallow such, by audits.

I forwarded issue to all concerned Department to LG India, with wrriten request to forward maul to known, autgorized decesion taking Authority……

as Adviced on call with Google CA, USA , HQ… Same, No RESPONSE TO MAILS. .. NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT??

LG , Chroma, Google, GizmoPlus Security insurance (third party, fake , as they can only Replace if in case of Physical damage/ Water damage only….. Indirectly they suggest to official/water damage to device for Replacement claim,, WTF??

IT'S Known by all, That device was on Continuous Charging 24×7, Since Nov 2015, open to all public as a Display Device??!! What's your personal independent thinking of Healthy Device Condition, after such overcharged history, )))) FYI, may be fatal, blasting.

You're the last hope((, attempt)_ Justice Claim, I would like to have Replacement with Higher Nexus Model from GOOGLE LTD,,,,

I just wanted Replacement as, a bought it as New Device….. Actuality used Device , single handed available at 8000, 3 months used, 2016.
My devices is 2015 made, Multiple user Usage, Keyboard actually bad than China 3000₹ , same confusion Device, I bought for Google, I want from Google…

I'll prefer Motorola 6P, than LG 5X, for Replacement.., if only LG than I claime 32 GB variant of 5x.. Not current…

Violated heights of Fraudulent Statments & written agreement (Puck up-Drop facility upon buying) Just as formalities. To sell products, . … Whatever works

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