GSRTC Complaint – Inferior Service Provided After Charging Premium Ticket Fare

Subject: Inferior service provided after charging premium ticket fare
My Name: Biren Shah
My City: Vadodara
My Complaint Against: GSRTC
Complaint Category: Public Transportation
Claim Amount (Approx.): 134
My Complaint Description:

I am a regular commuter, travelling from Vadodara – GIDC Udyog Bhavan, Gandhinagar in a GSRTC bus for route "Vadodara-GIDC-Udyogbhavan, Gandhinagar". I have been

regularly travelling through this bus from vadodara to gandhinagar. Earlier the bus used to reach its destination GIDC-Udyog Bhavan, Gandhinagar between 10:30 A.M. to 10:45 A.M.

Based on my previous complaint – Ticket #362919, as per telephonic conversation with MR. Vadher (9998953083), he had replied and confirmed that speed of the bus had been revived upto 70 kmph within the speed limit.

Today (06/05/2016) while commuting from vadodara-gandhinagar through the same bus, all the regular commuter found that the speed was again restricted to 40 kmph, despite of our numerous complaints to conductor as well as driver, no satisfactory response was given. Also when called to concerned officials, they least bothered to response to such an urgency and at times didn't even bother to pick the calls, those who picked the calls, did not give satisfactory reply to grave passenger's concerns. Despite of our attempts to make contact with concerned GSRTC officials multiple times, no action have yet been taken in this regards.

We had reached today at UDYOG Bhavan around 11:30 P.M. which is very very late. There was no earnest attempt at all from the officials to atleast board the passengers in difficulty to board them to other bus and the only thing they did was talking.

Many of us today had to hear strict words from our superiors due to such carelessness and irresponsibility of GSRTC.

We are paying premium price of Rs. 134 which is more than any other bus of this route, still we are receiving worst service.

GSRTC should have provided refund of our money since it has no idea of agony once suffers, while travelling in such a long route with a speed of 40 kmph.

There is also lack of communication amongst the concerned GSRTC officials since when we called them each official gave us different answers. Why we have to call multiple officials??? should they not communicate with each other and resolve the issue on permanent basis???

The issue has now been prevailing since months now…

This is our last attempt to resolve the issue through grievance, after which we are planning to give application to Honorable Transport Mininster of the Gujarat State, along with the name of all the GSRTC officials involved in this issue with detailed description and necessary proof.

Hoping to get a permanent resolution of this critical issue… AT THE EARLIEST!!!

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