GTPL Complaint – New Broadband Connection

Subject: New Broadband Connection
My Name: Milan Singh Gill
My City: Vadodara
My Complaint Against: GTPL
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
Claim Amount (Approx.): 4070
My Complaint Description:
Respected Concerned Authority,

On 26th January 2016, I purchased a new connection from the GTPL Broadband provider, whereby the executive (Named: Mr. Aadil) came to my home and completed all the formalities. I purchased a yearly plan wherein, I paid Rs. 4070/- and received a receipt from him. He assured me that the process of installation will be completed maximum till 31st January 2016 and my internet will be working as promised. But till date there is no sign or effort by GTPL company to at least start the required process of laying their cables. Their workmen just came to my house on 30th January, observed the situation and said they will come later and will complete the job in the coming 1-2 days.

Then on 31st January, I called up the Customer Service Center of GTPL, where a male executive attended my call and said that he can only note my complain and forward it on "high priority" basis. I agreed and he took the required details from me. Then after 2 days again I rang the GTPL Customer Service Center, wherein a female executive attended my call. After describing my issues, she said that they cannot help me and raised her hands. I told her that at least lodge in my complain and send it. She said that their Customer Service Center don't lodge in complaints at all. Then I asked her that previously their male executive forwarded my complaint and she said again that they don't do that job at all. I got annoyed and asked her that why are you then fooling, misleading and misguiding the customers by providing fake and incorrect knowledge or help. As expected she didn't have any answer to my question and told me to call Mr Aadil who gave me the receipt. I also asked her to transfer the call to their manager but she declined saying that he's busy. She told me to lodge in my complaint via email or their website. I am sure they're not even recording our calls as they say "all the calls will be recorded for the internal training and assessment". I would request you to look into this Customer Service matter and check their call records too.

Then I lodged a complaint on their official website and got a call on 1st Feb. Monday morning where the female executive said they will try to solve the problem as soon as possible, Then in the afternoon, I rang Mr Aadil. Even he didnt have proper answer to my issues. He was very irresponsible and careless on his part as he told me that he will ring me up in 10 minutes but never lived up to his words. Then I again rang him after 30-40 mins and asked him to give me the phone number of his higher authority personnel. He gave me that number and I contacted that person. He said that he will look into this matter and will ring me before 6 pm. But there was no reply from him till 7 pm. Again he said that he will ring me up in 15 mins. But as expected, no response. Then I rang him up and the reason he gave me for the delay was that "GTPL has some maintenance work going on and also that their Distribution box is far from my home (Distance 250 meters) and these are the reason why it is getting delayed. He demanded some more time, that is, till 6th Feb, Saturday. I refused to give more time as already a week has been passed and still he was asking for one more week. If the distance was so much they should have cleared in the beginning itself.

The same issue is going with my uncle who lives next to my house. We have no internet connection since 31st January as we removed our old connection as Mr Aadil said our new GTPL connection will be up & running maximum by 31st January, 2016. The communication and services from GTPL has been very very careless, irresponsible, poor, lame, not at all serious to solve the issue as soon as possible. I am greatly disturbed by this behavior and my work and communication has been affected tremendously. I have to incur additional money on mobile internet, which for me is unexpected and a big hole in my pocket. 9 days have been already passed but no efforts from their side.

I would like to give you some of the details of this matter:
Receipt No.: 8586
Mr. Aadil's contact number: 8238116926, 8490090680
Mr. Kapil's (Mr. Aadil's senior) contact number: 9879006174

I kindly request you to look up into this matter and solve this issue as soon as possible. Looking forward to your response.

Milan Singh Gill

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