Gujrat Housing Board Complaint – 20000 Rs Is Not Giving Back

Subject: 20000 Rs is not giving back
My Name: Dinesh Mithabhai Gohil
My City: Surat
My State: Gujrat
My Complaint Against: Gujrat Housing Board
Complaint Category: Finance & Investment
Claim Amount (Approx.): 25000
My Complaint Description:
Hello Sir,

I did an online application for Gujarat Housing Board ( LIG – Khambhat – EM Vadodara ) on 3rd February 2017 around 18:56 evening.


You can check this screen shot :

Application was filled successfully and tt deducted 20,050 Rs (twenty thousand fifty) as well from my account successfully. I got receipt / voucher for this as well with my application form number.

Application number : "OA-00000000000004764"
transaction Id : "HSBI5094081738"

You can check the application voucher here :

Now I didn't select under draw in Gujarat Housing Board. I want my money back. Hence I checked and found that LIG-Khambhat is falling under EM-Vadodara. So I visited Vadodara EM GHB office , and I did an application for refund. They told me that they will call me when my appication will be processed. I didn't have any issue. Now it was 2 monhts left and I didn't get a single call.

It costed me 200 Rs for round trip to Vadodara.

I again visited Vadodara office and ask for refund , they told me you did an online application and the person who is managing online application is in Ahmedabad for some GHB work, will back after a week, so I need to come after a week now.

I again came after a week and I met that person who is handling online application, he told me to do an application in EM-Ahmedabad , because EM-Vadodara didn't get any notification for the application that I did.

I went Ahmedabad. Visited EM-Ahmedabad GHB office, they said do an application, we will look into it. You can not get any reply right now. Again I did the same application to EM-Ahmedabad.
I didn't get any reply from Ahmedabad office for a month. I again visited EM-Ahmedabad GHB office after a month , and requested them to do some process because I came from Surat and it costed me 350 Rs and a full day of mine with a leave in my job. So they started checking the application , asked me to meet 2-3 persons in their office and finally at the day end I got reply that I must have to meet EM-Vadodara, because this application is falling under EM-Vadodara.

After a week , again I visited EM-Vadodara, I met Mr. Shah , is on manager level complaint in EM-Vadodara GHB office. He personally looked into it and told me to find the bank account number in which money was transfered. I came surat and visited my SBI branch , then I found that money was transffered to

Account number : "199612162095".

With that account number I again visited Vadodara branch to Mr. Shah and he told me to visit Ahmedabad Axis bank branch (Nehru Nagar) and meet branch manager Mr. Bhavesh Trivedi and asked him about my application , account number and my money and also why they didn't notify EM-Vadodara for my application.

I visited Axis bank branch and they have checked and told me that the account number is not Axis bank account. Even this account is not in coming under all over india Axis bank branches.
I was sad with the answer. I have no hope now what to do. I visited Vadodara EM branch and they told me we can not help you, we ddin't get your money and we didn't get your application.
Worst thing happen with me in my full life.

I have already expensed 3000 to 4000 Rs to get my 20,000 Rs back.

I really don't want to bother you for this problem. I tried to finish this issue in proper way. But I am really very unsatisfied with the answers I have got from the government employees.

Please help me to find where my money goes from the gujarat housing board website.
And please give it back to me. I am from a poor family and also homeless person.

I didn't get my home and I didn't get my money. Who will repay me my 3000-4000 Rs cost and around 15 days leave from my job, time I have given.

Please help me , you guys are my last hope.

I have pdf of my application, the website page from which I did the applicationa and also the voucher. I have screen shot of transaction done in which account , that mentioned in my pass book.
You can check this here :

I also did application to Gujrat Housing Board. You can find the application here :

Thanks And Regards,
Dinesh Gohil

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