Haldiram Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. / Kamal Krishnan Gautam Complaint – Fraud

Subject: Fraud
My Name: Sandeep patel
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Haldiram cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. / kamal krishnan Gautam
Complaint Category: Manufactgurers & Dealers
Claim Amount (Approx.): 201000
My Complaint Description:
I am a super stockist for the company from ahmedabad. Mr. Kamal have committed about stock liquidification of by appointing sales staff. But, till date no sales person have appointed and neither company nor Mr. kamal are receiving our call. So, I want to return their stock but I am afraid about my money. Also, the same thing has happens with Rajasthan dealers too. I am hoping a positive response from my government. Thank you.

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One thought on “Haldiram Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. / Kamal Krishnan Gautam Complaint – Fraud

  1. In respect to the sub matter complainted on 24th July 2015 the following are to be stated.

    1) The Complainant/his firm purchased goods for reselling and thus does not fall under the

    category of ‘consumer’ and it is felt the forum is not appropriate for the same and or the same

    is not rightfully admissible here.

    2) The term ‘ Fraud’ as used here by complainant against any entity/person is defamatory&

    derogatory, highly objectionable wherein the complainant has purchased the products for

    reselling under margins/schemes(his assured profits on his re-sales ).

    3) The goods purchased under Buyer /Seller Relationship under Retail Invoice ( promissory to

    Supply C Forms to purchaser at appropriate time).

    4) The Complainant as a purchaser received stocks vide transporter ,acknowledged/accepted

    which is evident from his claim of shortage/damage claim( of some units) to Company and it

    was assured that the same ( shortage/damage)shall be considered as credit note and adjusted

    in subsequent purchases although complainant was unable to provide documents of shortage

    by transporter inspite of Company’s request for the same.

    5) Point 4 shows right supply of desired /specified products to the Complainant.

    6) Complainant has never produced any Scripted documents agreed mutually or committed by

    any company personnel of any rights as claimed by the complainant. Neither is the same in

    record of the Company. Therefore his claims are specifically denied. It is also pertinent to

    mention here that the complainant requested for a special service of manpower for

    liquidation vide forwarding a CV and the cost of that to be reimbursed to Complainant on

    submitting the documents of his effective joining /satisfactory performance certification from

    complainat’s side and payment release receipt for this additional sales promotion for

    supporting his consistent sales /purchase over the month s as the onus of the sales was on the

    complainant . The same was /is approved at the discretion of company as a good gesture for a

    consistent sales and purchase by Complainant not being any right of the complainant in any

    way from 1st July 2015 onwards. But neither any document in regards to same for

    reimbursement received till date.

    7) Therefore How it is a fraud of claimed amount arises where Complainant has received goods

    /accepted ,claimed for transit shortage etc and taken the ownership of goods and company

    transferred the ownership of the same.

    8) Also the Complainant has referred some other cases hopefully of other entities but it is not

    cleared whether the Complainant is lawful authorized representatives for the referred person

    citing their case with material facts and violation of any agreed performance of Company vide

    mutually executed contract and or any performances desired by any rule of Law /Act

    prevailing guiding any transaction in those referred specific cases.

    9) Any Business dealing between entities is specifically based on individual terms and conditions

    and interference of third party without authority is felt to be unlawful where self/Company

    itself is unaware of any such cases.

    10) Primafacie it appears that intention of Complainant is to defame and malign company and

    personnel and quoting other ambiguous references escalating the same to a height of


    11) Hereby I/we benevolently request the Complainant to refrain from mal utilizing Forums/

    Public sites with misrepresentations as tools of conspiring for fulfilling demand not abided

    by law by tarnishing /maligning/damaging the reputation and public image which felt is

    not permissible even under freedom of expression on a public site.

    12) Therefore our prayer to the site( officials) to take appropriate action ( removal and or any

    other)on the complaint which is objectionable, defaming without material facts and Complainant is

    beyond the prescribed definition of consumer under any such Protection Act.

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