Harrasment By Tata Company For No Usage Charge

I Mr. Rajesh Tahilramani, would like to make Complaint against Tata Tele Services, I had bought Tata Photon Internet Services for 2400 Rs dated 17th septmeber  in which i was claimed that i will be receiving 2 months Free Internet Usage, but unfortunately i had received bad modem which was not working, i had made a complaint and asked for replacement before their Technical people came for 3 to 4 times with no solution, during this period no usage was done and later on again when asked to replacement it took 15 day more and gave me the modem which again was a bad piece and not working properly. So all this period i had to move tata tele service office with no solution and again when they replaced me this modem on 3rd Novemeber and i used this till 3rd febrauary as they closed service because they showed payment not received infact Mr. Hiren has asked me that he has waived off the charges for the 2 months during which modem was not working properly. So as per calculation modem started working properly from 3rd november and used till 3rd february out of which 2 months were free and for 1 month i had paid the amount which even other executive said me sir this much only pending and i paid the amount accordingly after waiving off the amount of no usage. But again this people said we have not received your cancellation application for the month of february and i had to cancel it in the month of april after a lot of issue. Now these people are asking charge for the month of april but the services were stopped in the month of February itself and infact there people have waived off for the month of march but they are not ready to do 15 days of waive for the month of April as i had made the cancellation written application on april 13th before this i was trying Mr. Hiren from the month of February till April he was not picking up the phone and even i visited the office of Tata during this period and he used not to be in the office as i was been asked that he gone to field and his behaviour was very arrogant also, Service were closed in the month of february and they are asking for 15 day charge of april without any service for the very nominal amount of 418 rs which i believe should not be paid for No usage as they had stopped service in february an till then all dues were paid on time.
Now in between their recovery officer used to come to recover and he also said that Sir your case is fine and no problem and he came after 4 months and in the month of december 2011 after one year an advocate   is calling and asking that a notice has came for the payment of 418 rs for tata teleservice, I would like to say that these tata people are real fraud with no service add on that a very bad behaviour with Customer and later on these irrotic activites making a proble for normal person. This is impacting our normal routine life and recovery officer also behaved with mother very badly who are a government officer.

I request you to take this notice and make a note against Tata teleservice ellisbridge main office and particularly against Mr. Hiren as they are not a responsible person.
I would request you to take a step against these tata teleservice office ellibridge and give me a positive reponse paying 418 rs is not a big thing, but why would anyone pay for service not received and infact a lot of harrasment aslo


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