HOMEOCARE INTERNATIONAL Complaint – Ill Treatment By Homeo Care Internatio​nal Kothapet By Mr.Sravan Kumar

Subject: Ill treatment by Homeo care Internatio​nal Kothapet by Mr.Sravan Kumar
My Name: Narasimha
My Contact No.: 8801144990
My City: Hyderabad
Complaint Category: Doctors & Hospitals
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,

My name is N.Narasimha Rao suffering with Pistula complaint approached your aforesaid institution at Kothapet for treatment on 12 Sept 2011.

After doctors checkup he prescribed some medicine. Mr.Sravan kumar told me that he will come with medicine to my house at Ramanthapur by taking my house address and came at about 2:30 PM and given medicine and asking cheques for the amount meant for the treatment i.e. Rs 16000. I have already paid Rs 2300 by cash including consultation charges at the time of met doctor. For remaining amount I have given 3 cheques to draw in 3 monthly installment bases.

After taking medicine for 2 days my complete body turned with reaction swelling and itching. Immediately on 21 Sept 2011 I rushed to your hospital at Kothapet approached doctor. He asked me to return the medicines so I did.

He prescribed other medicine. Immediately after 2 days the reaction took place in my body was more than previous and I rushed to the hospital immediately and shown my body to the manager Mr.sravan kumar.He also observed and accepted reaction taken place in my body. By scaring I requested him to stop and discontinue the treatment and requested to return my cheques and the amount paid in cash. He promised me to return the cheques and amount after 27 September 11 as because they were sent to head office. Even after so many approaches over phone he never attended me. Today i.e.15 Oct 2011 I approached him over telephone. He told me that he will return the cheques and amount on Monday i.e. 17 Oct 2011. Like this he is complaintponing the matter from 27th of last month onwards.

This shows the inability and ill treatment of your Institution. For your information I am taking treatment for the above reaction of your medicines at Care hospital. This met expenditure Rs. 15000 for me for which the bills given by the hospital are with me.

A letter Letter given by sravan kumar is also enclosed with this mail for your information.

Hence It is requested your goodness to arrange to return my cheques (3 nos) and cash Rs.2300 paid in cash.

An early action is requested in this regard.

It seems they are planning for long term investment from patients–Frod and fake treatment.

My Homeocare ID BC01

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