HTC Mobile Complaint – HTC Mobile: Pathetic Quality And Service Value: 16,500

Subject: HTC mobile: Pathetic quality and service Value: 16,500
My Name: Bitupan
My City: Bangalore
My Complaint Against: HTC Mobile
Complaint Category: Handset Compalints
Claim Amount (Approx.): 16500
My Complaint Description:
– Bought an HTC Desire 728 on 11th March, 2016 from Poorvika Mobiles, Bomahahalli, Bangalore. Cost was Rs.16,500/-

Found 3 problems within 2 weeks:-
1) Auto-rotation gets hanged occasionally.
2) Mobile internet doesn't work if I put in dual sim mode.
3) Finally the screen display went off on 27th March without any physical damage or force. (After 16 days from purchase date)

– Went to HTC service centre in Jayanagar on 30th March and submitted the phone (Proof attached)
– They promised Expected Return date as 5th April. (Proof attached)
– And today is 22nd April and still haven't received my phone.
– Used the phone for only 16 days and it's lying in the service centre from 23 days and still no confirmation about when is it going to be ready. They are saying that phone parts are not available.

Experience with HTC Customer care:

– I spoke to customer care executives 5 times on 5 different days: 4 times on calls and once on Live chat.
– Sometimes they apologize, sometimes they give fake promises that it will be ready in next 4-5 days and sometimes they arrange a call back from their some ""God knows who"" team.
– I got a call once at around 10.15 in the morning. Couldn't pick up since I was going to office. Called back in the same number and it's a call centre number. So, I cannot reach back exactly to the same person who called. They said they will arrange a call back again within 24-48 hours.
– Next day I get a call again at round 10.05 am. I couldn't pick up since morning is a busy time. I called back again and as usual they said will call back within 24-48 hours.
– These fools don't have that common sense that for any Indian, morning time is the busiest time of the day. So, chances are that I may miss a call. Moreover, they know that I cannot call back again. So, they should have that small sense to call back after half an hour or 1 hour on the same day, not the next day after their so called time-table of 24-48 hours.. They cannot behave like Salaried Robots without human intelligence, as if they are programmed to call only after 24-48 hours, that too just one call.
– Finally on 21st April I called the Service center itself in Jayanagar where I submitted my phone.
– According to HTC call centre, I was supposed to receive the phone this week (the promise made by the last executive I spoke). But one lady in service centre checked the details and said I will receive it next week. The word next week means it's not a particular day, it's like just casually saying next week to shut off the customer for another week, which means they are still not sure when will I get my phone. I didn't find any point talking to a Robotic girl who only knows to say, "Sir, you will get next week, sir you will get next week"…. These are the kind of people HTC has kept in it's service centre.
– I got frustrated and told her to pass the call to her manager.
– Even if the manager knows that the expected date was 5th april and today is 22nd, he didn't show a little sympathy while talking. Rather he was behaving as if it's not his problem. I really really got frustrated and disconnected the call. I think these managers of HTC are also not much educated people without any personality or behavioural knowledge.

Smart phones are very necessary part in today's life, and I cannot even buy another phone because I have already spent in this phone. If the phone was lost, I would have bought another one. But I paid 16.5 K just to keep my phone lying in the Service Centre.

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