ICICI Lombard Complaint Resolved Complaint Claim Number MTO05961586

Subject: un-resolved complaint claim number MTO05961586
My Name: Daniel Ram
My City: Pune
My Complaint Against: ICICI Lombard
Complaint Category: Automobiles
Claim Amount (Approx.):
My Complaint Description:
I purchased my first new Renault Kwid car on 8 September 2016. I was sold ICICI Lombard insurance policy number 3001/120934810/00/000. I was made to believe that this is best insurance policy.

My friend was driving vehicle and met with accident. We visited Renault services station at Fatima nagar, pune on 1 October 2016 to get the vehicle repaired. I was made aware that the vehicle can be repaired under warranty and insurance claim can be done for the same. I submitted all the necessary documents required for insurance claim.

My claim was registered on 3 October 2016 MTO05961586. Later I got text informing ‘Initial survey for claim number MTO05961586 has been completed. Post three days I received call from Renault services station stating your vehicle is ready for delivery complaint repair. I was quoted Rs. 1300/- for the repairs. I asked what are these charge, I was told Rs. 1000/- is compulsory charge (I received two letters from ICICI Lombard, neither of them talk about Rs. 1000/- compulsory charge) and Rs. 300/- for accessories. I was not happy about the charges as I was told while selling the insurance that you have zero deprecation policy.
We called contact centre the same day to understand the charges. Post conversation we’re told that someone would call you to explain the charges and terms and conditions. I received another claim number MTO05964844 and a mobile number with Mr Javed Waghare (ICICI agents) number. I did not receive any call from the said agent.
I then received a call on 6 October 2016 from Renault service station stating the vehicle is repaired and it is ready for delivery. However, after few minutes the same service station agent called back and said the ICICI agent Mr Javed Waghare (ICICI agent) is denies releasing the vehicle. I called Mr Waghare to understand the issue. He told me that someone has called contact centre and booked claim and now he needs fresh documents to be submitted for claim made. I explained Mr Waghare that we have submitted the required document for claim number MTO05961586 and you have done the survey and passed the vehicle for repairs. The call was made by my friend to inquire about Rs. 1000/- compulsory charges. He said he cannot do anything and he will have to investigate the issue until then he cannot release the vehicle.
I want to know what is happing and why my car is not be release though it’s been passed and repaired by the ICICI Lombard agent?

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