Idea Cellular Complaint

Subject: Billing Discrepancy
My Name: Bhavin
My Contact No.: 9824049020
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Idea Cellular
Idea Cellular’s Contact Details: 9824012345
Complaint Category: Idea Complaints
My Complaint Description:
I am Idea complaintpaid customer. My mobile no. is 9824049020. My Idea Account no. is 100014270195. I have got bill of Re. 845.32 for invoice period from 12/01/2014 to 11/02/2014 (invoice no. 0157016202).
I have 1024 mb 3g data free usage in my plan (grandeur 1.3).
I have used total 1044.69 mb (1069759.93 kb) 3g data.
So I have used only 20.69 mb extra 3g data.
They have charged for extra 122.37 mb 3g data.
So I have complained for this discrepancy.
Then they told me that there is a pulse of 10 kb. If I use 1 kb then I have to pay for 10 kb. So I have used extra 122.37 mb (Total usage 1024 +122.37= 1146.37 mb).
But it is not true.
I have bill copy and I have counted.
I have connected 7241 times to Idea internet. Now if pulse is 10 kb then each and every time I connect, they will charge maximum 10 kb extra.
So for 7241 times if they charge extra 10 kb then it will be 72410 kb (70.71 mb) extra.
Now I have used 1044.69 mb and they will charge extra 70.71 mb. Then total 3g data is (1044.69 + 70.71) 1115.4 mb.
So in my bill calculation shows me that I have used maximum 1115.4 mb 3g data, but they counted total 1146.37 mb 3g data.
So they have charged for minimum 30.97 mb extra usage (1146.37-1115.4).
So I have complained for that, but they don’t want to understand and told me that they will not refund me.
I have also complained higher authority, but they are refusing for refund.
I want that, after going through my complain, if I am right, then take satisfied action against Idea Cellular, as they will do such discrepancy with million of people.
Thank You.

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One thought on “Idea Cellular Complaint

  1. Dear Customer,

    Your complaint for billing dispute has been resolved and we would like to confirm you that the charges applied to you are correct as per the GPRS plan assigned. For further assistance, kindly contact our Idea customer care helpline.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Customer Care, Idea Cellular

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