Jain International Organization (JIO) Complaint – JIO POLICY And CARD Not Recieved

Subject: JIO POLICY and CARD not recieved
My Name: Nitin sanghvi
My City: Gandhinagar gujarat
My Complaint Against: Jain International Organization (JIO)
Complaint Category: Insurance Companies
Claim Amount (Approx.): 50000
My Complaint Description:
i have paid premium of rs.16985/- on 28.10.15 from sydicate bank and bank transaction no is P15102881903927 for renewal of phase I of JIO SA ID 070226 but still we have not recd cards and policy.i have send 4-5 mails to jio and icici lombard but no any communication.
i have to lodge the claim also for medical exp but no any policy card no. and jio and icici lombard are not responding any answer.
More than 90 days has passed. If there is no controlon insurance company from JIO then they should not start this type of policy.
JIO is also responsible because people had paid to jio. it is spoiling the image of Jio also.
it is like just cheating with people. I wanted to be done the operation of prostate but when I called JIO AND ICICI LOMBARD they said we don't have any information and cut the call.

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5 thoughts on “Jain International Organization (JIO) Complaint – JIO POLICY And CARD Not Recieved

  1. Name : Yogesh Jain,Indore ( mob.no. 09425959807)
    ID : SAH202846
    I have renewal of my mediclaim policy of JIO Phahe -2 on date 22/03/2016 vide reference payment ID -98212541 for Rs. 17822.53 for my family (i.e. MY Father , My Mother & Wife) .but in policy with ICICI LOmbard covered only 1 (one person) which is myself in my mediclaim policy of 500000/-.
    At the time of renewal i mentioned 4 (four) person to be cover in policy which was same in last year policy of PHASE -2 .
    Against policy my mother admitted & intimated to ICICI lombard , but claim papers have not to submitted due to mother name is not in policy,
    In this connection I have mailed 5-6 times to JIO on jiopariwar @gmail .com & tel no 022-24033340 & mob.no.09967060060 from 9/5/2016, but on any responding or reply to me .

    If its type of work not in control , not statred ,

  2. जिओ कंपनी ने मुझे चुतिया बनाया ह पहले कहा था की आपको सिम मिलेगी जी9 इनकी सिम लंच ही नही हुई थी उन्होने कहाँ की अब आप मोबाइल लेलो सिम आपको बाद में मिलेगी गई हमने तो मोबाइल लॉन्च होते ही ले लिया और अब मोबाइल आ रहे ह उसके साथ अभी मिल रही ह और अब कह रहे ह जब आपने मोबाइल लिया था उस टाइम कोई ऐसी स्कीम ही नही थी जिस टाइम आपने मोबाइल लिया था

  3. I Kashmira shah want Jio jack I’d card .since so many days I’m trying for it but not getting proper link for that ..now for renewal of my phase 1 policy I need my Jio jack card no compulsorily so pl send me proper link so that I can register for my Jio jack card. My policy no.is 240600/46/14/B500000096.pldoit at earliest so I can pay my policy premium on time .thank you!

  4. Dear sir
    My name is rasiklal Shah and I have a single person policy of 200000 R’s in 2014-15 and I have done renewal and converted into family floater policy and in this we are three members and after that I know that my name is missing from my policy and my SA I’d is jiojwyy21463.

  5. JIO which is an unique organization which aims to take a giant First Step inorder to change the world for better seems is more interested in launching schemes after schemes without practical implementation.I have been running from pillar to post to establish contacts with the concern to know the status and also forward prior intimation for admission of my Mother for treatment.
    Yesterday there was an SMS that due to some internal disputes and misunderstanding with the insurance policy could not be issued and the JIO has received the entire premium amount.They are negotiating with new terms and condition and once the same is finalised it will be intimated thru sms or email.
    My point is we had trusted and relied on JIO which claims that it is service orientated organization for Jain community and not insurance company.Today there is an emergency related to medical complications of my mother where immediate surgery is required i am totally helpless as i had totally relied on the JIO medicalim and therefore did not explore any other options for mediclaim.
    JIO is launching schemes after schemes which seems to be commercial oriented rather then social oriented.I have already approached the charity commissioner and will be launching complaint with consumer court for cheating,mental agony and compensation .
    Ihad paid the premium on 18/10/2016 in the name of Bipin Punamiya-07718857111/8879924531.
    The matter has to be resolved immediately to avoid further damage .

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